Risebird sets a benchmark in the hiring process with an exclusive AI Bot

Risebird, the leading and innovative platform for Talent Assessment in the SMB market, has taken another leap with the launch of its unique AI Bot technology. The AI Bot can assist recruiters in talent assessment and eliminate cognitive biases in the recruitment process. Being flooded with resumes and too many recruitments, the recruiters may not be able to invest that much time in the screening of resumes as desired, despite their best intentions. Lack of technical expertise sometimes adds to the problem, forcing them to rely upon certain heuristics. AI Bot can help experts to handle such issues. It will help recruiters to conduct as many technical resume screenings as they want as the bot can do as many sessions as possible as it is affordable and scalable as well.
Moreover, it has the ability to capture the sentiments and reactions of the interviewees through video recording while they answer the questions. This will help the interviewers to analyse the candidates’ confidence and attitude towards the job profile while being interviewed. The AI Bot may also help in the identity verification of the candidate by cross-checking their names, emails and contact numbers, and documents such as Aadhar. For further assurance of their identity, face and voice biometrics are also enabled in it. The AI Bot is also equipped with form 26 AS to check candidates’ multiple employment if any. Being machine based, it has the capacity to store, process, and adapt to millions of questions in real-time depending upon the interviewees’ responses and performance. It can also switch to varying difficulty levels depending on the candidate’s capabilities.
The entire session is video recorded, which may help the experts to assess the candidate later. Moreover, the AI Bot can make sure whether the candidate has not opened any other app on the laptop or activated any Bluetooth device while answering questions, to avoid cheating. Once the bot has evaluated everything including the verifications check, sentiments analysis check, or technical assessment check, or suspicious apps check, the AI Bot will then compile everything and generate a PDF report along with a video recording that can be further sent over to the next level of decision-makers.
The average duration of every AI bot-based session may last for about 30-90 minutes depending upon the nature of the job and the level of complexity. AI Bot is a hands-on technical screening procedure. Scraping off theoretical questions from the textbooks, AI Bot entails all real-world environment-based questions to help the candidate perform on-the-job tasks, in the future. AI Bot is candidate friendly, as it can work as per the interviewees’ schedule by being available round the clock and does not judge the candidate based upon unconscious biases, making them more comfortable and perform better. With such a bias-free process in the system, Risebird is on a mission to conduct a million interviews in the coming year itself.
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