Rishi Sunak, Son-In-Law of Narayana Murthy, Named The Finance Minister of UK

39-year old former Goldman Sachs employee, Rishi Sunak and the son-in-law of Infosys co founder Narayana Murthy, is named as the new Finance Minister of UK. This happened when the incumbent Sajid Javid, had quit unexpectedly over a row over advisers.

This came as an unexpected move, as Sunak was handpicked to take over the ultra-safe seat in northern England, that was previously represented by the former Conservative Party leader William Hague. Narayana Murthy had once said that his advice to his children, including Rishi, has always been to work hard, be honest, and do good for the society. 

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Sunak had first entered the Parliament in 2015, when he was seen as a rising star in the ruling Conservative Party, ever since he entered the Parliament. Despite the fact that Sunak has already had a rapid ascent through the ranks of the Government, very few had already expected  that the Oxford University graduate would ascend to one of the highest officers in the land. 

Sunak has been seen as a smooth media performer and an ultra loyal member of the Conservative Party. He has also been used by the Government to present and defend their policies in TV interviews. 

He would take control at a crucial time juncture for Britain’s $2.7 trillion economy. Sunak would be expected to steer the economy through the turbulence of leaving the European Union, and would also be looking after the forging of new trade links that is likely to define Britain’s new relationship with the world. 

Sunak’s appointment would make him one of the three ministers of Indian origin in Johnson’s cabinet. The other two being Priti Patel and Alok Sharma. Before joining Goldman Sachs and a hedge fund, Sunak had co-founded an investment firm. 

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