Salesforce partners with Jos Alukkas to provide a unified online and offline experience to consumers

Salesforce announced a collaboration with Jos Alukkas, a trusted jewellery brand, to further enhance overall customer experience both in-store and online. Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud  will drive operational efficiency with employees while empowering the brand to take consumer experience to the next level.

Jos Alukkas has been in the jewellery industry for almost six decades, with 40-plus showrooms across India,  including major states in South India.  Jos Alukkas was one of the pioneers to introduce the concept of an online jewellery store in India and the need to integrate the online and in-store experience to and provide a unified experience for consumers is an imperative. With an aggressive expansion strategy planned across India, Jos Alukkas will leverage Salesforce to further accelerate the quality of its customer experience. Jos Alukkas will be able to provide consistent experiences from digital to the field while humanising interactions and building loyalty, empowering teams to scale processes and do more with less.

Salesforce Service Cloud will support every customer experience ensuring a fast, safe, reliable, and delightful journey, a key priority for the brand. With Marketing Cloud, Jos Alukkas will be able to deliver data-driven interactions, personalising every interaction while automating engagement across email, web, mobile and more.

John Alukka, Managing Director, Jos Alukkas, said, “The decision to avail the expertise of Salesforce has been very innovative for us. As a brand, Jos Alukkas has always been open to trying new technologies, and ideas. With a team that shares the dream, a customer base that feels they are heard, and a business mind that is willing to change, adapt and grow, we are confident of leveraging technology to ensure a transparent and efficient experience for consumers with no compromise on the promise of quality and trust.”

Arun Kumar Parameswaran, Managing Director – Sales, Salesforce India, said“It has been fascinating to see how the jewellery industry has evolved in recent years. As retail is no longer limited to just physical, it is imperative for brands to integrate the in-store and online experience for consumers. We are thrilled to partner with Jos Alukkas in their growth journey taking customer experiences to the next level.”

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