SAS transforms traditional customer data platform capabilities

Marketers face many challenges streamlining customer data that traditional customer data platforms (CDPs) and marketing clouds alleviate. However, CDPs and marketing clouds have associated challenges, the biggest of which is the need to “lift and shift” all data into the CDP or marketing cloud. A new enhancement to SAS Customer Intelligence 360 provides marketers with full access to the cloud data source, avoiding unnecessary, expensive and risky data movement.

The new enhancement speeds time-to-market for customer engagement and data activation from disparate sources with simplicity and control.

“The most innovative brands in today’s fast-paced digital world are focusing on improving the speed of data collection and analysis in order to enable faster, more effective data-driven decisions,” said Gerry Murray, Research Director, Enterprise Marketing Technology analyst at IDC. “Many brands find the cost and complexity of supporting data-driven decisioning at enterprise scale to be exorbitant due to the data movement and compute costs. Today, SAS is obviating the need for massive data movements and providing more efficient compute algorithms. Not having to move massive datasets into a CDP or marketing cloud results in lower cost, stronger privacy controls; and faster, more effective decisioning, which accelerates revenue.”

“Marketers today face an incredibly complex set of challenges – a burgeoning MarTech environment, strong demand from customers for relevant and timely communications, and a growing set of privacy regulations,” said Mike Blanchard, Vice President of SAS Customer Intelligence. “SAS’ objective is to reduce complexity while still helping marketers provide the great experiences their customers expect. This new enhancement to SAS Customer Intelligence 360 provides direct cloud data integrations and powerful new audience targeting and management capabilities to help marketers effectively define and manage audiences, simplify audience and segment creation, speed time-to-market for customer engagement, and facilitate privacy compliance while lowering data storage and movement costs. This complements the existing market-leading advanced segmentation capabilities that SAS provides.”

SAS Customer Intelligence
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