Simplifying digital transformation for educational institutions

Offering agile solutions that are affordable, edtech startup Admission24 enables digital transformation for those educational institutions that lack the required finances for developing exceptional online learning methods

Edtech startup Admission24 is a unique platform helps in the digital transformation process for institutions – from colleges and universities to coaching institutes and schools. The institutions do not need multiple platforms or interfaces. “Admission24 is just one single platform for all the educational needs and encompasses everything that is required in successful running of any institution,” says Abhinav Sekhri, CEO & Founder, Admission24.

Abhinav Sekhri, CEO & Founder, Admission24

It is also the world’s largest portal in terms of number of institutions listed, which is 50000+ institutions from 1300+ cities across India on one single platform.

The company has diversified itself from marketing facilitator and admission information provider to advanced and self explanatory online education management system, which is a culmination of:
* Virtual classes, online learning
* ERP (Education Resources Packet) Solution and GPS tracking
* Fees management and payment gateway
* Micro website and custom listings

Highlighting the benefits to students, Sekhri says, “We are providing live online classes for students directly from their school teachers through our interactive platform where they can mark attendance of students and simultaneously students can face stamp their attendance. Asking doubts will be one feature of the service which we have enabled for students. Also, after the session ends, students can revise their respective taught topics for next 24 hrs. They will also have an access to pre-recorded lectures which will be created and uploaded by their teachers and the same will be available for next 48 hours.”

The company provides complete automation process for educational institutions. “We digitally transform all key functional services provided by any educational institutes like fees payment, monitoring admission inquiries, purchasing books and study materials, virtual home works, assignment development and submission, interaction with top management/teachers to ensure quality etc.,” he says, adding that they are looking at enabling digital transformation for those educational institutions that lack the required finances for developing exceptional online learning method with agile solutions that are affordable.

“Our agenda has also been to solve the problems of all the institutions from all the nooks and corners of the country irrespective of their budget or level or tier,” affirms Sekhri.

He shares that till about now 3500+ institutions which have come on board with during the Covid-19 situation. “It was them who reached out to us directly on their own with some problem or the other. The main challenge was affordability, especially for mid-level schools and colleges. This is where our solutions played a pivotal role,” mentions Sekhri.

Pointing out that online learning has seen a spike during these critical times like never before, he adds, “Having said this, our online courses or live virtual classes will continue even after the lockdowns are over and schools/institutions start their functions smoothly. Parents and students shall be assured that we are acting as a supreme facilitator for schools/colleges and universities that are wishing to continuously educate their students and we will always thrive as a medium to enable students with the process of continuous learning.”

The company is using emerging technologies like AI and ML to bring interactive education tools in order to disrupt the ecosystem. “We have added a new revenue stream to many educational institutions. It has even helped schools/ colleges to set up a strong business foundation with future-ready technologies. Since the beginning our plan had always been to become every institution’s first choice when it comes to online digital transformation and expansion. We have everything that an institute needs and we are just focusing on making it better day by day,” asserts Sekhri.

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