Spencers And Flipkart Join Hands For Hyperlocal Delivery Of Essential Goods

Reports suggest that Flipkart has started a pilot project partnering with Spencers in Hyderabad, in order to make doorstep delivery of groceries and essentials.

Recently Flipkart has announced a pilot program with retail chain Spencers in order to introduce hyperlocal deliveries of groceries and essentials in Hyderabad, amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Flipkart had said that this partnership would be leveraging synergies between the companies for delivering essential products to consumers and also promote social distancing. 

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This project would be allowing consumers to order groceries and essentials that would start this month, from the Spencers store on the Flipkart app. This requires orders to be collected from a set of chosen sample stores across Hyderabad by the executives of Flipkart and then delivered to the customers’ doorstep in a timely and hygienic manner. 

It is believed that this hyperlocal approach is in tandem with ecosystem collaborations that Flipkart is making to serve customers in the best possible way during this unprecedented crisis. 

Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Group CEO of Flipkart has said that Flipkart is committed to ensuring and fulfilling customers’ needs amid the lockdown, in order to promote ‘social distancing’ and that Flipkart is initiating various steps in this regard. 

Krishnamurthy even said that they are quite pleased to launch this pilot with Spencers Retail, in order to collaborate and meet the needs of consumers that are contributing to the fight against COVID-19, by staying at home. 

To talk about it further the Group CEO said that Flipkart has built a robust technology so that consumers are being provided real-time insights of essentials that are available to them in their area, and also ensure timely doorstep deliveries. 

The CEO of Spencers Retail, Devendra Chawla said that Spencers’ partnership with Flipkart in this tough environment is providing another platform to a large set of consumers to seamlessly access all range of essential products. 

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