T-Hub launches RubriX Program for technology startups

T-Hub, an Indian innovation ecosystem, has announced the call for applications for its first-ever program on product development RubriX. Aiming to support early-stage technology startups with ready prototypes in hardware or software, this program will enable them to reach the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage with reduced turnaround time and costs.

This is a five-month-long program that will have 30 startups showcasing innovative solutions from sectors like Fintech, Sustainability, Health-tech, HR Tech, Mobility, IoT, Embedded Systems, Enterprise and Agritech. The application for the RubriX program will close on 12 March 2022, and the program will commence on 22 March.

MSR, CEO, T-Hub said, “One of the most crucial growth steps of a startup is its transformation from prototype to Minimum Viable Product. We at T-Hub want to ensure that early-stage startups could also make use of the world-class support and capabilities of our robust innovation ecosystem which will enable them in accelerating their products to market with minimal risks. This program will allow T-Hub to help startups develop their solutions in a way that closely fits the requirements of ever-evolving markets and integrate them at an early stage for global-scale growth.”

Veera Chappi, Head – Partnership, People and Culture, T Works said, “T-Works is proud to be associated with the RubriX product development program hosted by T-Hub. This program structure and curriculum will enable prototype-ready startups to accelerate to their MVP with minimal risks and costs. While T-works enables ideas to transform into prototypes, we will continue to support innovative ideas heading towards MVP through this association.”

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