TeamLease edtech career outlook report 2024 forecasts a 7% surge in freshers’ hiring for the manufacturing sector in HY1 2024

The latest ‘Career Outlook Report HY1 (January-June 2024)’ by TeamLease EdTech projects a 7% surge in the recruitment of fresh graduates for India’s manufacturing sector. This increase coincides with heightened capital investments and increased merger and acquisition activities within the flourishing automobile, electronics, and textile domains. Such developments signal promising growth opportunities for the sector, reflecting a positive outlook for stakeholders and prospective employees alike.

Key insights:

● The manufacturing industry’s commitment to hiring fresh talent stands at 48% during January-June 2024, up from 41% in the preceding July-December 2023 period.

● Key roles in demand comprise Product Designers, Automation Engineers, Embedded Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Quality Assurance Assistants, necessitating certifications or bachelor’s degrees in Product Design, Automation Engineering, Embedded Systems and Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Quality Analysis.

● Bangalore records the highest demand for Automation Engineers at 61%, while Chennai takes the lead with a demand of 56% for Embedded Engineers.

The report also delves into specific hiring trends within the manufacturing sector, uncovering varying preferences for job roles across different cities in India. Bangalore emerges as a hotspot for Automation Engineers, with a 61% demand for professionals in this field. Meanwhile, Chennai leads in the demand for Embedded Engineers, with 56% of companies actively seeking talent in this domain. Hyderabad and Gurugram stand out as preferred destinations for Mechanical Engineers, capturing 50% and 47% of the demand, respectively.

The need for specialized roles extends beyond major metropolitan areas, with cities like Chandigarh and Nagpur showcasing significant requirements. While Chandigarh exhibits a robust demand for Product Designers (42%) and QA Assistants (45%), Nagpur showcases a requirement for Embedded Engineers (47%) and QA Assistants (40%).

Shantanu Rooj, Founder and CEO, TeamLease Edtech said, “The surge in hiring within India’s manufacturing sector reflects a growing confidence in the industry’s growth trajectory. As investments pour in and technological advancements reshape production processes, there’s a palpable sense of momentum driving the sector forward. This presents an exciting opportunity for young talent to contribute meaningfully to India’s industrial resurgence”.

Jaideep Kewalramani, Head of Employability Business and COO, TeamLease Edtech said, “The demand for skilled professionals in critical areas like automation, embedded systems, and product design underscores the industry’s commitment to innovation and efficiency. It’s interesting to see sectoral demand in smaller cities like Chandigarh and Nagpur. This offers a unique opportunity for job seekers to go-beyond the traditional Tier 1 cities. For employers, the expected hiring needs shouldn’t be about filling positions but rather nurturing a talent pipeline that fuels sustainable growth and global competitiveness”.

The study encompasses 377 companies of various sizes operating in 18 different sectors throughout India. These companies are located across 14 different cities, including metropolitan areas as well as tier-1 and tier-2 cities, providing a comprehensive view of the hiring outlook.

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