Teradata acquires San Diego-based start-up StackIQ

Teradata announced the acquisition of StackIQ, developers of one of bare metal software provisioning platforms. The deal will leverage StackIQ’s expertise in open source software and large cluster provisioning to simplify and automate the deployment of Teradata services. According to Teradata, this will help it in offering customers the speed and flexibility to deploy Teradata solutions across hybrid cloud environments.

In addition to technology assets, the acquisition also includes StackIQ’s team of engineers, who will join Teradata’s R&D organization to help accelerate the company’s ability to automate software deployment in operations, engineering and end-user customer ecosystems.

“Teradata prides itself on building and investing in solutions that make life easier for our customers,”said Oliver Ratzesberger, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer for Teradata. “Only the best, most innovative and applicable technology is added to our ecosystem, and StackIQ delivers with products that excel in their field. Adding StackIQ technology to IntelliFlex, IntelliBase and IntelliCloud will strengthen our capabilities and enable Teradata to redefine how systems are deployed and managed globally.”

“Our incredibly high standards also apply to the people we hire,” continued Ratzesberger. “As Teradata continues to expand its engineering (R&D) skills to drive ongoing technology innovation, we are seeking qualified, talented individuals to join our team. Once again, StackIQ has set the bar with stellar engineers who we are honored to now call Teradata employees.”

Under terms of the deal, Teradata will now own StackIQ’sunique IP that automates and accelerates software deployment across large clusters of servers (both physical and virtual/in the cloud). This increase in automation will occur across all Teradata Everywhere deployments, dramatically reducing build and delivery times for complex business analytics solutions and adding the capability to manage software-only “appliances” across hybrid cloud infrastructure. Thespeed of Teradata’s new integrated solution also allows for rapid re-provisioning of internal test or benchmarking hardware, as well as swift redeployment between technologies to match a customer’s changing workload requirements.

The terms of the acquisition agreement were not disclosed.

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