Top 5 direct marketing tools that can help small businesses grow online


By Nikhil Arora, MD & VP, India, GoDaddy

Direct marketing is a method of business outreach that does not rely on traditional advertising. Businesses use it to distribute information about their goods and services to a certain group of customers who are likely to make purchases. A target market is another name for this group.

Over the years, direct marketing tools like email have promoted and supported businesses by informing prospects and customers about their goods and services. Direct marketing has an advantage over mass marketing campaigns, as it directly targets those who are already interested in a product.

Let us look at 5 direct marketing tools that can help small businesses grow online:

  • Promotional Mails: Emails are a powerful tool for SMBs to connect with their target customers. Email allows personalized communications that directly target the recipient’s needs. Personalizing emails, which deliver behavior-based emails using a customer’s behavior increases the chances that the customer will open their email allows relationship-building, assisting small businesses in attracting new clients and retaining current ones. Email marketing also allows users to track, evaluate, and scale up email campaigns as needed. GoDaddy Email Marketing is an all-in-one tool for creating, sending, and tracking promotional emails.

  • Targeted online display ads: Approximately 560 million Indians use the internet. Online advertisements give small businesses the ability to target specific niches by specifying the demographics (age, race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, income, education, and employment) of their target audience, giving them a competitive advantage. Additionally, online display advertising enables you to calibrate your ad campaign and calculate ROI, raising or decreasing your spending in accordance with the level of success. GoDaddy Studio helps to design high-quality images for social posts, infographics, and more.

  • Professional Emails: A polished, customised email address can do wonders for giving your small business the image you want it to have—one that conveys credibility and dependability. It’s crucial to consider the domain name and email address you want to be linked with your small business when starting it. Particularly if your company is new, each should include your brand name as well as pertinent keywords that convey information about it. Utilizing brand-new, sector-specific domain extensions is a quick and affordable approach to achieve this. If you have an online store, for instance, you might use the domain name and the email address

  • Blogs: One of the best ways you can aid SEO efforts and establish yourself and your business as a leader in your sector is to blog. Over 400 million people visit WordPress blogs alone each month. Your firm can use blogs to boost website traffic and business growth. Additionally, blogs enable businesses to generate talk about their goods and services, by projecting a professional, personable, and approachable image. It’s crucial for small businesses to express their personalities in their writing when they establish blogs.

  • Newsletters: Newsletters are effective because they are a low-expense approach to providing prospects and customers with high-quality content. Most newsletters are sent electronically, eliminating the cost of paper and postage stamps. Businesses can create professionally prepared and eye-catching newsletters that may be distributed to a specific email list. These can be distributed on a regular basis to forge a solid connection with potential clients and customers. There are numerous uses for newsletters. They are sent out by businesses to advertise and introduce new goods and services. By incorporating details about exclusive deals and marketing initiatives that are only available to subscribers.

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