Uber’s GSS tech team in India simplifies return-to-work for companies globally

Uber’s Global Scaled Solutions (GSS) team based out of India is scaling the “Uber for Business” product globally, making return-to-work after two years seamless for organisations and employees.

Supporting transport needs for working professionals across the globe, the product is translated in over 50 languages, leveraging emerging technologies such as machine translations, and natural language processing (NLP), among others. The technology is backed by linguistic horsepower to build a world-class experience for customers across regions.

The Indian GSS team is bringing capabilities across tooling, Machine Learning/NLP, automation, data, and tech operations to help scale U4B. The seamless experience created for customers is an amalgamation of several touchpoints and nuances, with one of the key experiences being pick-up and drop-off. Uber’s Maps tech, editing, and diagnostics help in driving improvements to touchpoints such as improved routing, more accurate pickup/drop off in office campuses, and more accurate ETAs among others.

Commenting on the development, Megha Yethadka, Senior Director, Program Management at Uber said, “The GSS team comprises passionate program managers, analysts and engineers solving problems at a global scale, but with attention to detail in terms of needs of specific regions. At Uber, we strive to create seamless experiences for our customers across the world, and we recognise that re-adjusting to the return to physical offices comes with its challenges. We’re working to ease the challenge of commuting to workplaces, with an attempt to make it one less stressful chore as people return to their offices.”

The GSS team is heavily focused on enhancing experiences through automation of several processes, ranging from invoicing to sales operations, enabling business teams to focus on deeper engagement and solutions. In addition, GSS is building dashboards to measure customer satisfaction and improve experiences on the U4B platform. The tech team in India continues to innovate and visualise efforts for global and local priorities, building solutions relevant for people. Based out of Hyderabad and Bengaluru, the GSS team has members with diverse skill sets across data analytics, machine learning, risk analytics/decision scientists, tech program management and engineering.

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