What Strategies Have Different Brands Taken For The Pandemic?

1. Portea Medical– India’s leading consumer healthcare provider and focuses on general primary health care, post-hospitalization care, chronic disease management and allied services. The company offers home visits from doctors, nurses, nursing attendants and physiotherapists. In addition, Portea also provides collection of lab samples and offers medical equipment for sale / on hire, bringing the entire gamut of healthcare services to a patient’s doorstep.

Home healthcare providers including Portea Medical have come together to form the Home Healthcare Association. The association has been engaging various government bodies and healthcare federations to offer solutions on the ground to jointly fight the COVID-19 health crisis.One of the key solutions offered by this industry group is Home Quarantine management. Portea has been focusing on raising awareness and on-ground action against the pandemic. It recently partnered with the Government of Goa and Verloop to launch the Cobot-19 Information and Awareness Chatbot. It is aimed at helping people resolve their queries around precautions to be taken to avoid getting infected, among other things and as a one-stop source of authentic information. They are also providing telemedicine services for various health related queries.

2. Redcliffe Life Sciencesis India’s fastest-growing genomic diagnostics and precision medicine company focusing on reproductive health, cancer, and rare diseases founded, by Dheeraj Jain. They provide a wide range of next-generation sequencing services and a broad portfolio of genetic tests for medical institutions, research institutions, other public and private partners. 

In a bid to contribute towards the ongoing research and development around COVID-19, Redcliffe Lifesciences has submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Health, Government of India and the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR). The diagnostic company who is also into therapeutics drug discovery and infectious disease testing aims to undertake Genome Sequencing of COVID-19 for routine surveillance and outbreak response. Redcliffe aims to utilize its revolutionary technology for this purpose and provide a major boost to governmental efforts in tackling the pandemic. They have partnered with the Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeoscience (BSIP), Lucknow in a bid to contribute to the ongoing diagnostics and discoveries around COVID-19. While BSIP, which is accredited by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) has been appointed as the sample analyzing center (SAC), Redcliffe will provide infectious diagnostic testing services for COVID-19. Redcliffe in conjunction with Sapio Analytics and a team of scientists from the European Medical Association worked to create a novel treatment for this new viral infection which is proven to cure COVID-19 with higher effectiveness than conventional plasma treatment. Redcliffe is also operating COVID-19 testing labs in partnership with DST’s BSIP and involved in whole-genome sequencing of COVID-19 strain apart from the distribution of  RT PCR kits.

3. SARVA is a growing yoga and wellness ecosystem. With wellness studios across Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Delhi. SARVA aims to organize the currently fragmented yoga and wellness industry, not just in India but internationally as well. SARVA also has a range of premium yoga studios for women called Diva Yoga. They have launched a worldwide 14-Day Immunity Builder Program through LIVE Yoga Sessions aimed at immunity building and fitness in 25 countries around the world. Through this first-of-its-kind initiative, the homegrown yoga brand backed by celebrities like Mark Mastrov (known as the Steve Jobs of Fitness), Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Malaika Arora and Aishwarya Dhanush is driving the aim to provide those currently in lockdown due to the recent health pandemic, with a convenient way to workout, build immunity and stay healthy. Sarva’s LIVE platform is offering over 7.5k live sessions over a period of a month, across 25 countries, taught by 50 of SARVA and DIVA’s best instructors.  DIVA yoga’s Instagram handle has been conducting free lives with its trainers. They conduct regular instagram live sessions with industry leaders and famous personalities (Malaika Arora, Aditya Ghosh, Dr KK Aggarwal, Ankur Tiwari and others.

4. Housejoy started in 2015 and their services begin right from the approval stage till the completion and handover of a house. Their core offerings include home construction, renovation, interior design. In addition to this, Housejoy also provides 360-degree maintenance services such as home cleaning, repairs, painting, and appliance installation.

The company takes complete 360-degree ownership of a project, from planning to approval and handover. Their core emphasis is on customer satisfaction and the company deploys an in-house team of architects, project engineers, quality control engineers and skilled contractors who adhere to the highest quality standards. Contributing towards the fight against Covid-19, Housejoy recently undertook fumigation services in Karnataka in partnership with the state government and BJP MP Tejaswi Surya.

5. Lybrate is India’s largest health and wellness platform. It offers twin services — Lybrate GoodAdvice and Lybrate GoodKart. Lybrate GoodAdvice lets people consult with doctors online as also help them book appointments with healthcare experts, while Lybrate GoodKart brings together authenticated health and wellness products that are delivered to people at their doorsteps. By connecting doctors and patients through its first-of-its-kind health app and letting them communicate from anywhere, anytime, Lybrate makes healthcare more accessible. Keeping in mind the current situation there has been an urge in the queries received by Lybrate platforms. On an average doctors are resolving 100 queries a day with the help of telemedicine only. The healthcare burden on the country is gigantic around this time and platforms like Lybrate can definitely help share it. People can consult doctors on it across specialties and so on other platforms, letting hospitals tend to more serious patients.

6. BigbasketIndia’s largest e commerce platform is still availing their services at the pandemic situation. When people are not allowed to go outside for anything, bigbasket personnel are taking the responsibility of deivering the essential commodities at your doorstep by risking their own life. Also in order to have a smooth flow of transactions bigbasket partners with Uber collectively address the growing needs of consumers to access everyday essentials amidst the current nationwide lockdown.Also, they have hired executives in  order to meet the rising demand.

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