WhatsApp to get multi account feature for Android phones

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that lets users switch between multiple accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Recently, the company rolled out companion mode for iPhones, which allows users to one number on up to 4 devices.

According to WABetaInfo, the developers quietly pushed out a new feature to those on the beta version of WhatsApp Business for Android which lets them easily switch between different WhatsApp accounts tied to different numbers.

For business owners with multiple WhatsApp numbers, this is useful since it will allow them to switch between accounts without having to use third-party solutions like app cloners or carry different devices.

Numerous Android manufacturers include a feature that lets them install separate instances of apps like WhatsApp so they can use two numbers, but this might make it redundant. Combined with the recently launched Companion mode, the new feature will ease account management for numerous users.

The report also suggests that the multi-account feature may not be limited to the business version of the app and that the developers might bring it to WhatsApp Messenger as well.

Found within WhatsApp Business v2.23.13.5 beta, it is still unclear if and when the feature will be released to normal and beta users since it is still in the testing phase.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced the ability to send Snapchat-like video messages, support for one-way broadcasts, ‘Status Archive’ and more.

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