White House Gets Proactive While Dealing With The Coronavirus

While the whole world is affected by the pandemic COVID-19, White House has proactively addressed the issue...

Just a while back Express Computer mentioned about White House’s concern on the Coronavirus. It is reported that on Wednesday, the White House sought help from Amazon, Google, and other tech giants to put up a brave fight against the coronavirus.

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At the White House, it is hoped that Silicon Valley might augment the Government’s effort to tackle the outbreak, disseminate accurate information and also assist Americans that are out of work or school. 

Reports state that there was a long two-hour meeting between top Trump administration aides, leading federal health authorities and representatives from companies like Cisco, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and Twitter. 

Also leading international publications have reported that the US Government is in active talks with leading tech giants like Google, Facebook, and a wide array of tech companies about how location data gleaned from American phones, to combat the Coronavirus. This would also include tracking whether people are maintaining a safe distance from one another. 

Recently, Google confirmed that it has been in conversation with government officials, tech giants, and health experts. 

At the White House, international publications have reported that a task force created by tech executives, entrepreneurs and investors had presented a range of ideas. These essentially revolved around the remedies for coronavirus. 

Additionally, the Trump administration has been enlisting the help of companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Twitter. Also, the tech industry has been actively taking steps in the recent weeks to deal with the outbreak. They have been highlighting on a reliable source of information on the virus, and have been trying to remove misinformation. 

Recently, Amazon has tried to stop sellers from raising prices on health care goods amid accusations of price gouging. The White House has implored companies to coordinate their efforts to remove harmful content, that could help firms identify and pull down misinformation much faster. 

Also, the White House administration has implored companies to use their technical expertise to help out those grappling with the fallout from the coronavirus. The White House also plans to release a database of research, that is relating to the coronavirus and has also asked tech companies to help medical researchers analyse it, for further insights using Artificial Intelligence. 

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