Yotta launches Yotta Preserve, a long-term information preservation service in partnership with Norwegian Company 

Expanding its ‘Everything as-a-service’ portfolio, Yotta has joined hands with Norwegian based innovative, long-term data storage technology developer ‘Piql’ to launch Yotta Preserve – for the Indian market. Using Piql’s innovative approach of using a photosensitive film to store digital information, that can survive for any length of time – Yotta Preserve aims to address the issues of governments departments, museums, movie industry, banking and healthcare institutions etc. that practically need to preserve their information forever.

Data has been growing at an enormous rate; while data storage capacities have increased, the long-term storage capabilities are still not prevalent. Entities still need to make multiple copies of their data, and the life of data storage devices are limited. Piql’s film-based preservation technology has been tested to last for centuries with guaranteed future accessibility. This means that no matter what technology is available in the future, all preserved films will be restored in authentic form and quality.

This collaboration will now give organisations in India end-to-end data preservation and archival service from Yotta. Highlights of Yotta Preserve are that the data archived/stored is unalterable, secure and there is no data loss. Besides this, the longevity of the storage is infinite. This is the only kind of data storage service that is offline, digital and migration-free and also uses photosensitive film ‘piqlFilm’ to store data. Thus, the data is stored in physical mode and additionally is searchable just like a digital storage medium.

Sunil Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Yotta Infrastructure said, “This is another innovative service that we are delighted to introduce in our growing portfolio. Piql has been at the forefront of innovation for almost two decades and with Yotta Preserve, Indian organisations can avail this innovative service from a reliable partner like Yotta.”

“Different Industries require to archive data for future reference. Yotta Preserve – powered by Piql can store analog, digital, video, audio, manuscripts and every form of content available on earth. Yotta Preserve delivers the best of both worlds, data archived can be secured physically and accessible digitally,” Sunil further added.

Rune Bjerkestrand, Managing Director, Piql said, “We are pleased to collaborate with Yotta and have Piql’s technology and services available through such a well-known and trusted brand portfolio.”


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