Yudiz solutions signs MoU with Nirma University

Yudiz Solutions, has signed an MoU with Nirma University to bridge the gap between industry practices and academic research. The MoU was signed between Pratik Patel, Managing Director of Yudiz Solutions, and Dr. Madhuri Bhavsar, head of the Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE), Institute of Technology at Nirma University.

With the MoU, Yudiz Solutions seeks to align its expertise with rapid advancements in academia. The collaboration focuses on key areas such as Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Embedded System Security, Sensor Networks, and AR/VR. Both entities also aim to maximize shared knowledge and promote real-world applications to emerging technologies through hands-on intern projects, consultancy, training programs, and other projects.

Commenting on the MoU, Pratik Patel, Managing Director, Yudiz Solutions, said, “We recognise the significance of staying abreast of the latest developments in Information Technology. The Computer Science and Engineering Department at Nirma University has a state-of-the-art training infrastructure and a highly accomplished and reputed faculty. The MoU aims to synergize the expertise of the CSE department to keep Yudiz Solutions in step with the developments in academia and research in computing.”

Dr. Madhuri Bhavsar, HoD of CSE, Institute of Technology at Nirma University said, “This collaboration with Yudiz Solutions opens doors for internships for both graduate and postgraduate students, and provides them with a unique opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. It aligns with our commitment to producing industry-ready professionals.”

The collaboration will enable Computer Science and Engineering students to work on cutting-edge projects at Yudiz Solutions under the guidance of Nirma University’s expert faculty. The subjects of research and projects span a wide range of technologies, including data analytics, artificial intelligence, cryptography, gaming applications, and blockchain-based solutions. The collaboration also aims to conduct consultancy, training programs, and funded research projects with Yudiz Solutions utilizing the knowledge gained.

Bharat Patel, Chairman and Director, Yudiz Solutions, said, “This MoU with Nirma University signifies our commitment to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of technological innovation. We believe that the synergy between industry and academia is crucial for a dynamic and knowledgeable workforce. We are confident that this collaboration will contribute significantly to the professional development of students and strengthen the ties between industry and academia.”

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