Zeeve RaaS partners with Ternoa for the launch of their zkEVM+ L2 CDK chain

Zeeve, has partnered with Ternoa for the support of their new zkEVM+ L2 chain. Developed with Polygon CDK, this new chain is set to bring a whole new level of security and privacy to builders and users, in a context where Ethereum hyper scaling and numerous L2 launches happen with huge tradeoffs in these areas.

Ternoa already runs a Substrate WASM L1 Mainnet since 2022, and “the Fortress”, a decentralized TEE coprocessor dedicated to data encryption. With this, new zkEVM+ L2 CDK Chain, they are launching an EVM equivalent infrastructure to build security and privacy-first web3 use cases in Ethereum ecosystem. The chain brings integrity proofs, censorship resistance and decentralised privacy, to Ethereum ecosystem builders and users. Built using the CDK tech stack, it integrates state-of-the-art hybrid coprocessor technologies with Avail Data Availability, in a best-of-breed architecture co-implemented with Zeeve RaaS.

Zeeve provides a full-spectrum ZK L2 rollup solution for Ternoa to enhance operational efficiency and security. This partnership delivers:

● Setup and Compliance: Efficient, automated systems that comply with the highest security standards.

Operational dashboards: Tools for managing activities and monitoring rollups.

Developer tools: Includes a rebranded testnet faucet, bridge, and Tracehawk explorer.

Security enhancements: Features active alert systems, logging, DDoS protection, intrusion detection, malware protection, server hardening, and firewall implementation.

● Maintenance: Ongoing updates and maintenance of the deployed infrastructure.

Support: Round-the-clock assistance with enterprise-grade SLAs.

Dr Ravi Chamria, co-founder and CEO of Zeeve said, “As an infrastructure partner, Zeeve is committed to equipping Ternoa with a robust suite of tools and integrations for streamlined deployment, effortless management, and frictionless user onboarding for their CDK L2 Chain. We’ll ensure, with efficient management, that the ecosystem also remains compliant and meets the objective of Ternoa as well as the broader goals of Polygon CDK.”

Mickael Canu, co-founder and CEO of Ternoa said, “This is a new chapter in Ternoa’s journey. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Zeeve teams on this high stakes journey. In particular, Zeeve experience interacting with Trusted Execution Environments, and expert teams will help us streamline this critical launch.”

To welcome EVM builders looking to launch apps on a high-security infrastructure, Ternoa is also opening a $500k / 33 million CAPS grant program to onboard new developers and projects during the Testnet phase, and a $250k / 17 million CAPS incentive programs with KEEPER DEFI app

Zeeve as a RaaS makes it easy to go from concept to live deployment with its intuitive Rollup Launchpad. Their network of over 40 industry partners allows for quick integration with decentralised and developer services. Trusted by more than 30,000 users and 40 institutional partners, Zeeve’s strong security and support systems make us the go-to choice for global infrastructure.

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