“Data is at the heart of every industry’s transformation, and this is where Synology has a profoundly important role to play”: Michael Chang

Michael Chang

We provide solutions that can help customers solve their critical data problems and manage their businesses. This is when Synology plays an important role, says Michael Chang, Regional Sales Head, Asia Pacific (APAC), Synology. Michael leads a global team to manage the company’s international operations in MEA, Oceania, Philippines, Indonesia, and SAARC regions. In this exclusive conversation, he further highlights how, with a blend of pioneering expertise and considerable experience, Synology offers tailor-made solutions to customers across industries worldwide.

Q1. Through your presentation, we noticed massive growth in the Indian market, can we know the reason behind these amazing numbers?

Yes, India is a powerful emerging market which delivers double growth on revenue for the past three years, but still an untapped market for us. It is a country that is right on its trail to adopt digital transformation in different areas, and digit transformation – we can say – is very critical for successful operations across the sectors.

We, however, believe that the Indian market needs scalable storage solutions. Especially when it comes to protecting data. A tremendous amount of data is being generated on mobile devices, computers, and business servers. Individuals and companies not only need solutions that can store their digital assets, but also can easily manage, access and protect the data, which solve their critical data problems and manage their businesses. This is when Synology could come to help.

As we say, “Data is at the heart of every industry’s transformation, and this is where Synology has a profoundly important role to play. At its very core, our mission is to share how easy it is to manage and protect data. Synology uniquely enables every business to manage, secure, and protect their data wherever access is needed from flash to disk to multiple cloud architectures – at the scale needed to accommodate the exponential data growth of the digital world.”

Q2. How safe is Synology NAS? We see recently NAS devices have been frequently attacked by ransomware. How does Synology respond to this factor?

Through Network Attached Storage (NAS), we provide a centralized location on a network to store data. Synology NAS goes beyond that, enabling clients and customers to build a private cloud to store, access, back up, and share files freely and securely. We provide a variety of self-developed security applications, for example- Secure SignIn, Active Backup Suite and C2 Backup. These products come with prevention and recovery solutions that can help protect or restore the data and hardware of our clients and customers.

As we always say, Security is our first priority. Our solutions help our customers offer secure access to a broader array of services and applications while guarding against increasingly sophisticated threats. On the other hand, Synology has an independent department called “PSIRT team” to engage and react to any possible security threat, for example, the team imports SBoM as a key building block in software security and software supply chain risk management. We are proud to say that our solutions can be adapted more quickly to evolving technologies, business needs, and threats, and help customers continue operations with minimal disruption.

Q3. What is the role of the PSIRT team?

PSIRT team stands for Product Security Incident Response Team, which is responsible for reacting to Synology product security incidents. The PSIRT manages the receipt, investigation, coordination, and public reporting of security vulnerability information regarding Synology products. Synology also had an internal hacker team- Red Team, which help test and examine the vulnerability threats and correct them before any product is officially released. Also, we hold Security Bug Bounty Programs and grants recognition and monetary rewards to researchers who identify potential vulnerabilities and cooperate with us to ensure the safety of our customers.

Q4. High-capacity storage – needed in video production houses and FX companies – is emerging in the Indian market, is Synology aware of this? What is your strategy to fulfill the rising demands?

Yes, we did keep track of this emerging trend, in which this specific industry contributed 10-15% of our market share this year in India. Solutions like remote access, file management, data protection, 10GbE network speed, and our scalability on storage are definitely what the post-production houses are looking for. This year, we will plan to launch a couple of Synology experience centers in Mumbai and Pune, along with seminars for hands-on experience and solution education programs, and hope to share the advantages Synology could provide to streamline their workflow.

Q5. The New Synology camera is interesting, considering how competitive the Indian market is, how will Synology position the Synology cameras? And how will Synology cameras be competitive?

We understand the high competitiveness of this market, and we hope to bring users seamless deployment choices. With Synology cameras available users can save time and cost. There are thousands of cameras in the market and tech support is needed in the future with a single window of contact to save a great amount of time. Overall Synology cameras will provide users with a one-stop solution that is time and cost-effective. Our reliable, intuitive surveillance station protects the business, home, and other environments by delivering intelligent monitoring and video management tools to safeguard your valuable assets.

Q6. Synology launched its first router in India, is there a specific reason for this time period?

By our observation after the post-pandemic pandemic, we did see India has a high demand for networking solutions from home offices to large enterprises, especially for solutions like VLAN, VPN, bandwidth monitoring, and the most important part- network security. We all agreed that the Indian economy is rising and IT infrastructure is growing rapidly, however, keeping your business protected and managing your network in a much smarter and safer way is truly important. That’s why we introduce our networking solution in this time period.

Q7. The hybrid-cloud solution seemed to be Synology’s new position in the global market, is there any specific reason? What will be the development direction for C2 in India in the future? And will there be more and more integration with current on-premise solutions?

At the beginning of the establishment of Synology C2 cloud in 2017, like other SaaS vendors, we were considering whether we should rent or maintain our own data center. However, we chose the difficult path. Synology C2 is a self-integrated and operating service. From hardware to software, it is maintained by ourselves. There is no external manufacturer or outsourcing. While the service chain is simple, there will be no extra costs that should be passed on to users. Therefore, this gives Synology a very large advantage in cost and provides services at a compatible price that serves the market needs, and we hope to share this advantage in India too.

The answer to your last question is YES. Benefiting from the engineering efforts and years of industry know-how, our public cloud services will have more integration with our NAS solutions, like the current Hybrid Share on C2 storage and monitoring. We hope to see some central management system (CMS) integration updates next year.

Q8. How has the response been from your customers in India?

We have seen considerable growth in the country. We have seen large adoption of Synology products and services across the sector. Each and every year since 2019, we have seen two times revenue growth as well as volume growth. That is why we are in India to learn more about what the Indian market needs. We really value our relationship with the Indian market. We plan to visit the country more frequently and try to be closer to our customers to assist them with our solutions. Since the Covid pandemic is almost gone, we see more visibility for Synology products and solutions in the Indian market. We will have more training workshops, more events, and more interactions with our dear customers in this beautiful county.

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