How Digital Adoption Platform Helps in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been at the top of the boardroom agenda for quite some time, but the pandemic has accelerated its pace tremendously. The current crisis has especially brought to the fore the need to enable entire workforces to work remotely. Remote working can be complicated, especially considering the shift in traditional learning and support dynamics that many companies provide. In a study conducted by Forrester before the pandemic, organisations attributed the lack of CRM adoption to people-related obstacles, with 49 per cent due to slow user adoption. Given that organisations are now deploying more software than ever before, digital adoption becomes the key. Khadim Batti, CEO and co-founder, Whatfix, talks about how businesses can increase their efficiency manifold by arraying digital adoption platforms and how the company is aiding organisations speed up their digital transformation endeavour. Excerpts.

Why digital adoption platforms (DAP) are critical for digital business transformation and how does it work?

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) are built from the ground up to guide users through the usage of sophisticated tools so that they can make the most out of enterprise-grade software. In today’s reality where you can no longer turn to the person on your left and ask them what the next step in your process is, in-app guidance is critical to keep businesses running smoothly. Enterprise software such as ERP, CRM, HCM, SCM, etc. are large suites of integrated applications customised to suit unique business requirements. These can create different kinds of adoption challenges for users which can be overcome by deploying a DAP to assist with guided walkthroughs, self-help support, training, etc. Whatfix, for example, is engineered to increase adoption for multiple enterprise software solutions, including Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow.

How is Whatfix’s platform helping ease remote onboarding, skilling and change management for employees of enterprises – enhancing the overall employee experience and efficiency?

Whatfix offers a unique DAP that helps with in-app walkthroughs, videos, and guides for using new software solutions and features. CRMs, ERPs, HCMs, and other sophisticated software require significant training and time before they can be used to their full potential, and Whatfix is enabling faster, more efficient on boarding and usage for all types of organisations. We are effectively replacing the traditional over-the-shoulder help with contextual and real-time support. We have designed the platform such that customisation and authoring of outflows is one of the easiest. Whatfix content can be easily integrated with the learning management system (LMS) of the organisations and the entire engagement can be tracked in analytics for further modifications as well. We are easing on boarding and change management through features such as Whatfix Flows which provide step-by-step in-application guidance and smart tips which helps users with first-hand information.

Whatfix’s DAP can handle the volumes of users and the numerous use cases that enterprise-scale software serves. As enterprises deploy our platform, we have observed that support queries generally come down by 30-50 per cent while the data quality in CRM or SCM typically improves by 20 per cent. We have also observed about 20-25 per cent improvement in the productivity and efficiency in how the application in used.

How has Whatfix seen increased customer usage of in-app engagement and communication?

The global pandemic necessitated organisations across the world to switch to a completely digital mode of doing business and connecting with each other. Our customers have had to shift their entire workforces to remote working, necessitating a rethinking in how they engaged with their employees remotely. Due to this, in-app engagement/communication with employees by our customers through Whatfix has increased by 150 per cent every month, as compared to the pre-covid period. Overall, we saw that the total help content created through our DAP in 2020 went up by 250 per cent as well. This has truly validated the idea of Whatfix’s fitment in the remote training set up and shows that enterprises are embracing DAP to gain profitability and time saving.

How is Whatfix driving growth?

2020 has been a year of disruption and introspection as organisations accelerated the pace of digital transformation to counter the challenges of a global pandemic. During this time, Whatfix has been continuously innovating and supporting the evolving needs of our customers. Our investments in technology and expansion into new markets have enabled us to equip our customers with the tools they need to navigate their digital transformation journey.

We saw an uptick in customer usage of our DAP and have seen a 2X increase in revenue. This was bolstered through the addition of over 130 enterprise customers including Center State Bank, Vivial, AkzoNobel, Ciena, Aurecon, and more, adding additional support for desktop and mobile applications, in addition to browser applications. Our team has simultaneously grown, with over 260 new hires globally, bringing the total number of employees to 430.

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