Dr. Keyur Jathal, Executive Director, Ishan Technologies

BFSI Technology Conclave 2024 | DAY 2 | 11th May 2024 | Sheraton Grand, Pune

In this video:
Dr. Keyur Jathal, Executive Director, Ishan Technologies
Bolstering BFSI Networks: The Imperative of SD-WAN and SASE Integration

Key Highlights:
[1] Increased digital platforms by banks have benefited but also increased the digital footprint and security threats, mandating a cutting-edge, efficient, seamless, secure, and resilient connectivity infrastructure.

[2] The benefits of SASE for BFSI are enhanced security controls, improved network performance, cost-effective multiple security solutions, simplified security policy management, and support for hybrid work.

[3] SD-WAN focuses on optimising network performance and connectivity, while SASE integrates network security functionalities and a prominent comprehensive solution for secure access and data protection. 

[4] Emerging challenges from disparate SD-WAN and SASE solutions are integration complexities, separate data lakes, compliance considerations, securing policies, and traffic routing.

[5] Ishan ONE SECURE provides an integrated SD-WAN and SASE solution that delivers security at the edge, a single vendor SASE solution, and maximises flexibility and scalability.

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