Suhas Dalvi, CBO & Co-Founder, Vinca Cybertech Pvt. Ltd.

BFSI Technology Conclave 2024 | DAY 2 | 11th May 2024 | Sheraton Grand, Pune

In this video:
Suhas Dalvi, CBO & Co-Founder, Vinca Cybertech Pvt. Ltd.
1st API which is Securing API Deterministically

Key Highlights:
[1] Digital commerce runs majorly on APIs. However, a major concern is, by 2024 API abuses and related data breaches will nearly double.

[2] For hackers, what you can’t see you can’t steal. Our Deterministic Protection Platform helps eliminate message data flow from browsers, spikes and software-based DDOS attacks, and govern http traffic while eliminating SQL injection threats as well.

[3] We enabled the world’s first Islamic Bank in EMEA with migration of web services to REST API for improved performance. Further, we reduced their operational costs as well.

[4] Our solution helped the bank to downsize their RAM by upto 50 percent and ensured zero application downtime.

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