Ekhlaque Bari, AI Coach and Consultant | Workshop (Part 1)

CFO Technology Conclave | 23rd November 2023 | Mumbai

In this video:
Workshop by Ekhlaque Bari, AI Coach and Consultant (Part 1)

Topic: Generative AI Masterclass: Introduction and its impact on Businesses

Key Highlights:
[1] A smaller share of Al high performers see cost reductions as their top objective for generative Al efforts.

[2] Four domains account for about 75% of the potential value that generative AI use cases could provide: software engineering, customer operations, marketing and sales, and R&D.

[3] The productivity boost that generative AI provides to the world economy has the potential to generate trillions of dollars.

[4] Generative AI carries numerous inherent risks, including data security, hallucinations, hidden bias, copyright infringement, and opaque reasoning.

[5] It’s not humans against AI; rather, it’s humans using AI versus humans not using AI, and businesses using AI versus businesses not using AI.

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