Alok Khanna, Executive Director, Strategic IS, IOCL | How to approach digital transformation : The IOCL Experience

Manufacturing Track | Day 2 | 17th June 2021 | 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM IST | Virtual Conference
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In this video:
Alok Khanna, Executive Director, Strategic IS, IOCL

Topic: How to approach digital transformation: The IOCL Experience

Key Highlights:

+ ‘Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG’ is one of the crucial projects organised by IOCL.

+ Digitalisation will drive us to improve efficiency.

+ IT Strategy in 2017 based on Industry 4.0 was intended to identify missing technology solutions.

+ IT strategy helped us to adopt foundational identity, future-proofing technology and transformational technology.

+ Used the integration of IT/OT and started developing AI-based solutions.

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