EC Buzz | 10 reasons why Indian IT continues to discourage ‘Work From Home’

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1. Out of sight, out of mind – When you are not in office and not interacting with peers, you might feel dis-engaged. This is a challenge for both managers and employees.

2. Hard to Trust, harder to verify: IT managers find it hard to embrace Regan’s dictum- trust but verify – since many of them are unaccustomed to remotely verify work tasks delegated to their subordinates.

3. MBWA – Managers are resistant to handling virtual teams  as they still prefer to Manage By Wandering Around.

4. Feedback is more effective done face-to-face – IT managers believe that feedback is well received face to face as the subordinate can judge the tone and gravity of the situation better. Managers are also hesitant of having their antics recorded.

5. Motivating Junior folks team members – Since most of the workforce in IT is millennials, they need to be mentored as they grow which works well when they are in office.

6. Practical logistics – IT hubs like bengaluru and hyderabad attract a lot of professionals across India who live in PGs and wouldn’t be able to get WFH facilities.

7. Peer influence – Young techies thrive and build a sense of camaraderie with their peers. This may include commuting to work, going for lunch or brainstorming over coffee breaks or at the office water coolers.

8. Work-life-balance –. For a fair work-life balance, it is encouraged to finish work in office and not be tethered to a network when working remotely.

9. Comfort of Working side-by-side– Techies love to whiteboard and collaborate while troubleshooting or just peer at the screen of colleagues who may be stuck while debugging.

10. Easy distractions – with ubiquitous access to social media, it is easy for digital workers to get distracted. Junior members of teams may be accustomed to being supervised and may find it challenging to stay focused while working remotely alone.

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