Exclusive Video Interview with Babitha BP, CISO, CSB Bank

India is witnessing fast-pace developments in technology that have revolutionised the way people work and perform their daily chores. As the government and the private sector are adopting digitalisation, it has become imperative to address cybersecurity as a major concern. Babitha BP, CISO, CSB Bank joined Express Computer in an exclusive interview and shared insights on securing work networks, systems, and data from cyber-attacks. Organisations should focus more on leveraging cybersecurity solutions that address their product-based needs than simply following the industry trends. Also, “security by design” is the key term organisations should keep in mind while designing and developing a product. She also spoke on developing a culture where employees are not only aware of the cyber threats but also raise concerns in case they find something suspicious. Moreover, employees should speak up in case they fall for a phishing email. Making cybersecurity a part of the work culture can effectively shun vulnerabilities and reduce cyber attacks.

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