Exclusive Video Interview with Manish Sehgal, CISO, AU Small Finance Bank

In an exclusive interaction with Express Computer, Manish Sehgal, CISO, AU Small Finance Bank, speaks about the cybersecurity challenges being faced by banks in India.

“AU Small Finance Bank is functioning securely as a bank and we are implementing controls which could help our customers to have a secure banking environment. We have implemented various tools and technologies to ensure that our customers’ data remain secure,” states Sehgal. Highlighting about safety and risk management facilities for customers, Sehgal states that it is necessary that the finances of the customers remain safe.

Speaking about ”Anywhere Workforce” he mentions, “Organisations should educate the employees and ensure that they can embrace secure work policies. Banks should educate the cybersecurity workforce within the company, give them enhanced skills so that they can work on those advanced technologies that provide the required cyber security facility.”

Sehgal further points out, “As a bank we should continuously assess ourselves and identify the vulnerabilities and provide a secure environment for the customers.”

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