Exclusive Video Interview with Parshuram Dabholkar, Chief Information & Security Officer (CISO), HDFC Securities

In an exclusive video Interview with Express Computer, Parshuram Dabholkar, Chief Information & Security Officer (CISO), HDFC Securities, speaks about the critical cybersecurity concerns that the broking industry is facing in the country, and elaborates on the strategies around threat intelligence. Regarding new innovations and technologies in cybersecurity, Dabholkar believes that Zero Trust would be a boon for the industry.

Focusing on the current trend of ”anywhere workforce”, he highlights the importance of network security. “Hybrid workforce is challenging without deploying any solution, and you should have the proper definition of what needs to be done from the outside and what needs to be allowed in the office premises. The approval process is also important. Based on that you could adopt a very good hybrid policy,” states Dabholkar.

He points out that it is important for organisations to get the desired results, and says, “There are many different security solutions but we need to evolve and deploy new solutions and technologies so that all the employees and vendors are able to communicate freely.”

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