Ashish Mehra, Country Head-Sales, EnterpriseDB

Government Data Center & Infrastructure Summit 2022 | 11th November 2022 | The Park Hotel, New Delhi

In this video:
Ashish Mehra, Country Head-Sales, EnterpriseDB

Topic: Innovate with Postgres

Key Highlights:
1) ‌Today data is being captured in real time, analysis is being done in real time and decisions are being made based on data analysis

2) ‌Legacy database are being replaced by open source and ‘Postgres’ is the nucleus of this change

3) ‌’Postgres’ is the growing database platform and is one of the most loved database by developers

4) ‌From migration to new App development to system of analysis and system of engagement, ‘Postgres’ allows the users to do almost everything

5) ‌’Postgres Acceleration Strategy’ is required to close the technology gap and power modern enterprise applications

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