Fireside Chat: Transforming Government Services with Data and Digitalisation

In this video:
+ Dilip Kumar, Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Government of Punjab

+ Harshal Desai, Special Correspondent, Express Computer & CRN, The Indian Express Group

Key Highlights:
+ The Punjab education department’s, ‘Smart Connect Scheme’ has taken a lead in encouraging online education during the time of the pandemic
+ The digital transformation during the pandemic has accelerated the pace of technology adoption by 10 years
+ Data is the oil and the most valuable asset for the Government, getting the IT together in the most simplified form is what IT has done
+ Data can fix a lot of leakages, and Punjab Government has been working efficiently on that
+ Besides having our own Data Center and IT policy in Punjab, Punjab is still at a disadvantage for it’s geographical location
+ Our entire Human resource management system is entirely digital and has proven to be a great initiative taken by the Punjab Government

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