Episode 3: TechVision with Manoj Chugh: Insights on the Future of Technology and it’s impact on business

CHAT SERIES | TechVision with Manoj Chugh, Industry Veteran

Returning to TechVision with Manoj Chugh, where we examine the most recent technological developments and their effects on industry, it’s good to see you. In the prior episode, Manoj offered his thoughts on the direction of technology and how it would affect business.

He will discuss how CIOs might become business leaders in this third session. Manoj will provide insight into how CIOs can advance to positions of business leadership by focusing on business understanding, relationship building, effective communication, delivering business outcomes, embracing innovation, developing business acumen, leading change, and investing in leadership development.

“CIOs have a great opportunity to transition into being competent company leaders and possess all the necessary skills”, says Manoj.

This necessitates a comprehensive plan that combines technical expertise with strategic thought and in-depth knowledge of the goals and challenges the business is now facing. By joining us on this fascinating journey to learn from a true visionary and leader, CIOs can improve their strategic planning and move into positions of corporate leadership.

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