Weekly Tech News Roundup – January 2020 Week 2

A Roundup of the weekly tech news and updates brought to you by Express Computer and CRN India

A weekly news update on top 5 IT news that are trending and would have an impact on different business sectors.

Top 5 IT news this week!

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020, which is a great event for Tech Giants, held in Las Vegas from 7-10th Jan. Read below in detail for some exclusive updates from the CES:
Samsungs Bot Chef – https://bit.ly/3057ab0
Samsungs Artificial Human – https://bit.ly/2TbeXmg
The new Sony Electric Car – https://bit.ly/2FC6sIP

India eases regulation on drone systems – https://bit.ly/2QZWKVU

Facebook bans deepfakes, allows parody or satire videos.
What Are Deepfakes? – https://bit.ly/2sSZ49j
Facebook bans Deepfakes – https://bit.ly/2NsXMJh

Sonos sues Google for allegedly copying speaker design – https://bit.ly/2NehoAs

Cyberattack on US by Iran likely – https://bit.ly/2FElzRT

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