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SAS – How to Take AI Projects From Start to Win

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Today, we can access diverse types and massive amounts of data, provide storage and platform flexibility, process with impressive speed and power, and perform complex analytics. These capabilities set the stage for AI projects to thrive – and drive competitive advantage.

Why SAS for AI?
SAS is the world’s leader in analytics. But what does that mean, exactly?
It means we turn huge amounts of complex data into knowledge you can use. And for more than four  decades, we’ve been doing it better than anyone. With SAS, you can apply the most advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and AI solutions to your toughest business problems.

So, what’s the key to getting that first win with artificial intelligence? We suggest following a logical path
that starts small and grows, just like you’ve done with other analytics projects. You should know that most
organizations have better success with AI projects if they have strong support from a C-level leader, such
as a CDO or CAO.

You can reach your goals – for today and tomorrow – by putting four pillars in place:
• Goals and objectives. Determine priorities, set goals and objectives, and evaluate culture.
• People. Start at the top, engage the people and support a data-driven business.
• Processes. Understand which processes can (and should) evolve.
• Technology and data. Rely on an analytics platform that takes you from data to discovery to deployment.

Read on to know more about SAS for AI.

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How do you execute your campaigns?
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