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What is an CITRIX Application Delivery Controller?

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Application delivery controllers (ADCs) are purpose-built networking appliances whose function is to  improve the performance, security, and resiliency of applications delivered over the web.

ADCs serve as the natural entry point or gateway to the network. They authenticate each user attempting to access an application. If the application is SaaS based, the ADC can validate a user’s identity using an on-premises Active Directory data store that eliminates the need to store credentials in the cloud. Not only is this process more secure, it also enhances the user experience by providing single sign-on capabilities across multiple applications.

ADCs have converged load balancing and advanced Layer 7 protection, which traditionally were only  available as standalone solutions. Application firewalls can inspect data packet headers for suspicious content or malicious scripts that may not be detected by network firewall.

An ADC can support both positive and negative security models. When an ADC is placed in “learning” mode, it can analyze traffic to determine usage patterns that signify normal behavior. If a malicious inbound request is sent, for example, using SQL injection or cross-site scripting, it will automatically flag  that request and block it. It can also employ signature-based protection via integration with third party security providers such as Qualys. Combining these protection methods allows the ADC to use a comprehensive hybrid security model for applications and users.

Download The Whitepaper to Learn more about ADCs.

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