Axis Direct launches AI and ML-driven ‘Axis Intellect (AI)’ Research-based Investment Baskets

Axis Direct, the flagship brand of Axis Securities, announced the launch of Axis Intellect (AI) Research-based Investment Baskets powered by their in-house proprietary model. Axis Intellect (AI) Score, the in-house proprietary developed by Axis Securities, shortlists stocks by analyzing over 1.5 million data points to deliver better potential returns in the long term. With AI-based investments, retail investors can now seize attractive opportunities in the stock market by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This AI-based investment constantly track the live market to analyze stocks based on globally accepted factors such as value, growth, quality, momentum, low volatility, high beta, dividend yield, size, and earnings momentum. A focused and disciplined approach with the predictive power of the machine and structured data eliminates any human bias, creating investments backed by a consistent out-performance track record in the long term. Through an automated elimination process, AI Research-based Investment Baskets avoid low-quality and high volatility stocks to ensure risk-adjusted investments. With features like simplicity, complete transparency, and an automated rebalancing process, these baskets empower retail investors to align their investments with long-term wealth goals. As per the investment requirements and the risk profile, investors can choose from Balanced AI or Aggressive AI baskets, with committed investment size starting at as low as Rs. 2 lakh.

B Gopkumar, MD & CEO, Axis Securities, said, “At Axis Securities, we constantly endeavour to offer the best investment products and solutions to our customers. With the launch of Axis Intellect (AI), we have leveraged our in-house research capabilities and digital prowess to design this cutting-edge product for our customers. Powered by our proprietary model, these investment baskets can offer better potential gains for our investors in the long term. These AI and ML-driven investments can be a game-changer in the ever-evolving market scenario. We are confident that this exclusive offering will help our customers meet their investment objectives seamlessly and build long-term wealth.”

Key benefits of Axis Intellect(AI):

· Align to investor’s wealth goals: Investments strategies that create the quality investments to secure the financial future without preconceived notions or biases

· Convenient tracking: Experience round-the-clock automated dynamic investment tracking through scientific data analysis

· Lower the risk: Suggestions on replacement of stocks as per the AI Score for rebalancing investments

· Complete flexibility: Suggest investments backed by a vigorous and consistent out-performance track record in the long-term, with committed investment size starting as low as Rs. 2 lakh

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