HDFC Bank looks to attract India’s best minds in machine learning with unique hackathon

HDFC Bank, arguably India’s best managed bank in terms of risk mitigation and sustained profitability metrics, heavily uses machine learning technologies to create accurate credit risk models. The bank also has to its credit innovations such as 10 second loans, for which it uses algorithms.

To boost its machine learning and AI capability, the bank has launched a hackathon on HackerEarth. “Under the Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE), the Bank is organising the Hackathon challenge to hire data scientists. The top talent that emerges out of this challenge will be offered the chance to work in the Bank in the risk analytics team. We are looking at specialisation in coding and machine learning. This initiative is part of the Bank’s endeavour to remain at the cutting edge of leading technologies like AI, ML etc. We hope to harness the potential talent that exists outside to enhance our capabilities in digital and technology,” said Nitin Chugh, Country Head – Digital Banking, HDFC Bank.

In this challenge, participants will be given a real business ML application scenario to be solved in 31 days. The participants with top submissions will be identified to interview with HDFC for career opportunities.

“The Hackathon challenge will enable us to hire the best talent for the risk analytics team by making applicants go through a use case scenario. At HDFC Bank, we are constantly looking at talent to harness technologies like machine learning and AI. We believe specialised skill sets will provide a competitive advantage in today’s digitised ecosystem,” said Rajesh Kumar, Group Head – Retail Credit & Risk, HDFC Bank.

More details about the hackathon are available at this link:

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