How Is Visual Based Artificial Intelligence Impacting Industries And Helping In Making Their Functioning Easy

By Shreeram Iyer, Founder & CEO, Prisma AI

The current era of technology and innovations is rapidly transforming our daily life. The potential and scope of artificial intelligence are massive, with constant innovations taking place in the field of AI. Visual-based artificial intelligence is also highly prevalent today, which is enabling machines to detect and recognize images, videos, and also the elements within them such as people, objects, and animals in the same way that the human eye can. Artificial intelligence, with its technologies and applications, has had a great impact on all industries.

Computer Vision is the identical recreation of how human minds interpret the world around them, to make sense of their surroundings. Most industries today are utilizing computer vision in their functioning, as it has greater potential than the traditional methods.

Manufacturing: Computer vision in artificial intelligence can analyze every component of the Machinery in the production line and detect minor defects beforehand, allowing maintenance to be carried out pre-emptively before any sudden breakdown occurs.

Transport: Artificial intelligence has been a boon to the transport sector, as it provides Optical character recognition, which works to create an automatic number plate recognition system, that has many applications for improving road transport as it can catch people who violate road laws

Aviation: Computer Vision-based technologies help in security, identifying lost belongings, recognizing and providing assistance to elderly and differently abled individuals, Face-as-a-ticket for passing gates, and more.

These are some major industries that have been impacted by artificial intelligence, with their fundamental functioning being made more convenient and accessible while adding new features which further enhance them. The contribution of artificial intelligence across various industries is greatly increasing. As deep learning models are evolving and growing, AI can be made to handle more complex tasks, thereby further broadening its horizons.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping in Revolutionizing Industries With Its Solutions
Visual Based Artificial Intelligence has been one of the leading technologies which has helped in providing solutions based on computer vision. Ever since its inception, artificial Intelligence has been seen as the most preferred solution for mankind and the upcoming problems. It lends the capacity to solve most of the problems and also simultaneously shapes the future of mankind. This technology creates effective solutions and products that are both automated, and also include human beings to help accelerate workflows, save time, enhance security, improve productivity, and much more.

Some technologies being used the with the help of Artificial Intelligence are:
● Body Behavioral Analysis results in an analysis of human body movements, which is useful for analyzing human actions, helpful in tracking suspicious individuals or any misdemeanor, monitoring kitchen staff in any restaurants for unhygienic practices as well as detecting elderly or physically impaired people to assist them.
● Access Surveillance, which is made with the integration of face recognition, requires face scans before allowing any individual entry to any premises or restricted area.
● Automatic Number Plate Recognition (A.N.P.R.) a subsystem made from optical character recognition, helps in automatically scanning license plates, helps catch traffic lawbreakers, and automates toll payments by just scanning a car’s license plate.
● Object detection to detect and recognize any lost belongings so they may be returned or identify the nature of objects that are left unattended for long periods, for security purposes.
Some solutions like these are also being used by the Artificial Intelligence which helps in creating:
● An image recognition-based technology that helped in the reconstruction of torn letters containing important information, allowing the lost information to be derived.
● Video recognition technology was instrumental in tracking down stolen artworks, being of great help to international authorities.
● License plate recognition software to improve the status of an international highway network to better maintain road safety laws.
● Surveillance systems for one of the largest international airports to improve and upgrade security the airport.
Many such solutions also help in the functioning and improvement of the whole process and also help in the services which have greatly impacted the functioning of major industries, adding convenience and better functionality for both the workforce and consumers. This kind of technology helps us innovate and develop more breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, which can further impact all the industries for years to come, by adding to or changing their fundamental processes with its innovations.

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