Tezos India collaborates with Code8 to organize bootcamp on blockchain awareness

Tezos India – an organization that enables people and entities to use the Tezos blockchain has collaborated with Code8, an experience-based learning platform to organize a five-day-long bootcamp that will be taking place from April 20th to April 24th with the objective to enable young learners to harness the power of innovation in Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 arena. A staggering 300+ participants will be engaging in quiz and open domain/theme project-based competitions and top 2 winners will receive cash prizes of 15k and 10k respectively. The best projects selected by the Tezos India team further stands a chance to win grants of upto US$ 30000 via Ecosystem Growth Grant (EGG), a community-supported springboard for early-stage ideas.
As a part of this long term collaboration between Code8 and Tezos India, both the organizations will be engaging a plethora of students through various events, hackathons, and bootcamps that will be organized in the near future. The bootcamp jointly facilitated by Code8-Tezos India will mainly provide to the participants insights related to basic introduction of Tezos platform, blockchain technology and assist the students in building great projects on the Tezos platform.

Poorvi Sachar, Head-Operations, Tezos India said,”Tezos India-Code8 collaboration will prove to be a beacon of hope for all the aspiring students who are yet unknown to the basics of Blockchain technology. Engaging in multilateral activities will kindle their interest in this field and will equip them with essential first-hand information. With the Code8 boot camp, Tezos India aims to stimulate community growth and pave the way for a better future for crypto enthusiast students and youngsters.”

The sessions in the bootcamp will be delivered by the speakers throughout the bootcamp both theoretically (Using PPTs) and practically (hands-on experience based projects). The students are expected to take any relevant idea from any domain, and solutions built using Tezos platform have to be submitted. Interestingly, the bootcamp will also act as a platform for hiring interns, pre-placement opportunities can also be provided based on the technical experience of the relevant members in the bootcamp.

Diwakar Arodiya, Co-Founder, Code8 said, “Through in-depth theoretical approach and hands-on demonstration on the Tezos platform, understanding of blockchain technology will be made easier. Our association with Tezos India is set to go beyond this event and this can be the stepping stone for a larger collaboration and growth in the long run.” In the months to come, Tezos India and Code8 vow to cater to the needs of the students in the blockchain domain and introduce the Tezos platform to the students on a wider scale.”

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