How ed-tech SMB are changing the Indian education ecosystem?

Written by: Chandrapraksh Joshi, Co-Founder, iXamBee

The Indian Education system has witnessed a progressive change in the last decade. Many startups have emerged in the Indian ed-tech industry, thanks to the constant technological advancements which is helping the ed-tech ecosystem to evolve in a holistic manner to provide new and innovative services across the country. This holistic approach and development also resulted in the investors seeing a potential profitability in the ed-tech industry, thereby attracting large investments.

And finally, with the whole world going into lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, the world witnessed a new digital revolution. Right from our everyday lives to the way businesses are run, technology has taken center stage in the present time. The footprint of this sudden shift can be seen in almost every sector and the education sector is no different.

An advantageous outcome of the pandemic has been the adoption of digital mode of learning by all stakeholders i.e. the government, public/private schools, coaching institutes, teachers and students. This led to a drastic change in the traditional education by shifting the focus on online education, which in turn resulted in a growing consumer-base and saw an exceptional surge in the development and profit in this sector. In other words, the pandemic acted as a catalyst in bringing about this much needed digital transformation. Due to this sudden conversion, learning has become more personalised through adaptive learning, quick doubt solving and student friendly UI.

However, there are many factors which will determine how learning would look like in the near future. Some of these are-

Bridging the Gap

Ed-tech has the power to bridge the gap between the educators and students as technology has the ability to go beyond the geographical barriers. This is achieved by video-assisted remote learning, on-demand learning, advanced AI and VR, etc.

Better Educator-Student Engagement

As compared to traditional education, online education is far more affordable. Aspirants belonging to various social strata and income categories can access quality education through ed-tech platforms as they are accessible and flexible. Also, there is more room for one-on-one interactions and feedback between the educator and student.

Customisable Learning

A shift to the online platform enables the educators to customise learning as per the aspirant’s needs by adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI), which also allows the aspirants to adjust to the pace of their learning. The AI-powered platforms often help the educators in identifying the aspirants’ interests, potential, career aspirations, location, budget, etcc.

Government Support

One of the major factors for the growth of ed-tech companies in the country is support from the Indian government through various initiatives like SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds), e-pathshala,etc. These initiatives are aimed at encouraging educational institutions across India to shift to online education. Moreover, the Union Budget 2022-23 focuses on skill development and quality education through online platforms. In fact, even the new National Education Policy of the government will promote learning through online education, which will have a positive impact on India’s ed-tech ecosystem when fully implemented.

One such platform that is paving the way in terms of online education is ixamBee, which provides online courses, free mock tests and one-on-one mentorship to candidates preparing for various government/banking exams. As an ed-tech startup, we focus on multiple facets of exam preparation by creating a comprehensive learning environment for aspirants. Moreover, at ixamBee, we are constantly focused on research and development to ensure that aspirants get the maximum benefit from our resources. For instance, we have launched a one of its kind umbrella course called the Ultimate BeeBanker Online Course, which helps the candidates prepare for all Bank PO/Clerk exams in one place. This prevents the aspirants from referring to multiple resources and saves their time.

To sum up, while the digitisation of education has provided a much needed boost to the online education market, it is also essential to identify such platforms that are assuring proven results and have rich experience in the education sector as many players are entering the ed-tech industry. If experienced players join the race, it will not only ensure and encourage competitive innovation but also help bring authenticity and trust among the users.

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