Upgrade your skills with these artificial intelligence courses

India is making a significant effort to advance its industry and technology. The nation is moving toward data science, intelligent apps, and robotic process automation. In this context, artificial intelligence is a field with rapid growth. Thus, as we continue on this trajectory, the demand for AI professionals is anticipated to soar. It is evident that it is the future of the world. Thus, in the modern-day world, AI is used by every app and website for the majority of their tasks. Organizations use artificial intelligence for facial recognition locks, registering and verifying your security for transactions, and other purposes.

Here’s a look at the top 4 artificial intelligence courses to upgrade your skills:

Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin takes the top spot on India’s list of artificial intelligence courses. It’s a renowned educational institution that provides skill and career development opportunities. Over 160 business clients and 60 colleges make up its clientele. Henry Harvin is crucial in bridging the gap between academic knowledge and practical experience if you are a recent graduate looking for employment. In this course, aspirants are provided with live projects. With the aid of these assignments, online sessions can better instil academic knowledge. Four significant topics, Decoding Artificial Intelligence, In-depth Machine Learning, ML Workflow, and Performance Metrics, are covered in depth in Henry Harvin’s Artificial Intelligence course’s four sections. The course’s handcrafted teaching materials integrate literary ideas with practical knowledge of the field.


The Mindmajix Artificial Intelligence Course is a thorough, application-focused training course for establishing business models for data analytics. With this artificial intelligence course, candidates can learn various aspects of AI, such as data science, deep learning, python programming, and python libraries for artificial intelligence. Through practical projects, they will learn about cutting-edge ideas like TensorFlow, Deep Neural Networks, R Programming, SAS Advanced Analytics, and AWS throughout this artificial intelligence programme. In addition, learners will acquire all the programming abilities and concepts necessary to excel in this field and launch their careers in artificial intelligence through our artificial intelligence online course training. Specialists developed this course’s curriculum to provide students with a thorough understanding of all its foundational concepts.


In collaboration with CCE, IIT Madras, Intellipaat provides a thorough Artificial Intelligence programme to assist the candidates in working with the most cutting-edge technologies available today (AI). As part of this top AI training, they will learn how to use Python to script machine learning programmes, as well as various components of artificial neural networks, binary classification, and vectorisation. This course’s main objective is to acquaint the learners with every aspect of AI, so that they may begin working as

artificial intelligence engineers. Moreover, this course aims to provide high-quality instruction that emphasises a practical approach and good underlying knowledge of core ideas.


Simplilearn Education is based in San Francisco. The courses they offer are intended to assist the grownups in advancing towards their professional objectives. This Artificial Intelligence course offers both individual and corporate training at the aspirant’s own pace. They offer the majority of masters and graduate level programmes. In addition, Simplilearn provides an introduction to artificial intelligence for novices and covers the principles of machine learning as well as deep learning, and in-depth insight into the machine learning workflow. Moreover, Simplilearn provides the aspirants with the job assisted programme in collaboration with IIMJobs.com. They choose to assist the candidates in obtaining their ideal job role.

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