The 34th Technology Sabha and Awards 2023: Celebrating India’s Techade

 As the country basks in the glory of Chandrayaan 3’s success in space exploration, the Indian Express Group is gearing up to host its flagship conference-Technology Sabha and Awards 2023. This prestigious gathering, which holds immense significance as India transitions from e-governance to digital governance.

With a focus on understanding the achievements, challenges, and roadmap for the next five years, the Tech Sabha promises to be a thought-provoking platform. The event will kick off on August 25th with a keynote address by Shri GVL Satya, CMD of CRIS. Satya will share his visionary insights and technology initiatives aimed at modernizing Indian Railways.

Over the course of three days, the residential Tech Sabha will feature a stellar lineup of keynote addresses, plenary sessions, power discussions, and showcases of cutting-edge products and solutions by technology providers. This immersive conference will bring together e-governance leaders from various central and state government departments, as well as major PSUs. The discussions will explore emerging trends, including Digital Public Infrastructure and Platforms, and delve into the role of emerging technologies and cybersecurity in the government sector.

The Tech Sabha boasts an impressive array of speakers, including luminaries such as G.V.L Satya Kumar, Managing Director of the Centre for Railway Information Systems, Dr. Vinay Thakur, Managing Director of the National Informatics Centre Services Inc – NICSI, and Manish Kumar Sinha, CEO of the Goods and Services Tax Network – GSTN. These distinguished speakers, along with other leading e-goverance leaders, will share their insights and expertise on various aspects of digital governance.

Adding further gravitas to the event, leading technology experts from organizations such as IBM, Oracle, Yotta Data Services, and SAS India and others will also take the stage to share their invaluable insights. Overall, it brings together more than 100 delegates  from central and state government departments. With over 40 government leaders, including IT leaders, policymakers, decision-makers, and implementers from central government, state governments, and PSUs, the conference promises to be a melting pot of expertise and innovation.

The first day of the Technology Sabha will feature notable speakers such as Akhil Arora, Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of IT & Communication, Rajasthan, and Vikash Sultania, Territory Leader – Government, Energy and Power at SAS India, among others. The second day will see the stage graced by luminaries such as Dr. Vinay Thakur, MD of the National Informatics Centre Services Incorporation, and Sunil Gupta, Co-founder, MD & CEO of Yotta Data Services and several other leaders and technology experts.

In addition to fostering networking opportunities and partner sessions, the conference will culminate in the highly anticipated Technology Sabha Awards Ceremony 2023. The awards will be presented in 11 categories, acknowledging the seamless integration of IT in various government schemes, ultimately benefitting citizens.

As a testament to the conference’s commitment to celebrating India’s rich culture, delegates and sponsors will be treated to the delectable cuisines of Rajasthan and mesmerizing performances of folk music and Sufi night.

The 34th Technology Sabha and Awards  is a catalyst for change, a platform that will shape the future of digital governance in India. With its captivating lineup of speakers, thought-provoking discussions, and recognition of technological innovations, the conference promises to leave a lasting impact on the e-governance landscape. Get ready to witness the new era in India’s digital journey.

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