Samsung South West Asia Regional Forum 2012

It was all about pushing the boundaries with a purpose at Samsung Forum 2012 in Bangkok. Highlighting a host of smart solutions for enterprises along with other announcements, the forum stayed true to its theme. By Jasmine Desai

Samsung Forum 2012 commenced with a bang revolving as it did around the theme of Pushing Boundaries, which was an apt theme echoed by the smorgasbord of products that were announced. Apart from introducing solutions in the consumer space, the vendor’s enterprise solutions showcased innovation and ease of use.

The first product to be announced was the Samsung Notebook Series 9. Uday Bhat, Director – IT Solutions Business, Samsung India, said, “The new Samsung Notebook Series 9 represents the ultimate in craftsmanship towards engineering and premium design with its refined aerodynamic design.” It also announced the Samsung Series 5 ULTRA powered by second generation Intel Core i5 processor. Ultrabooks will be making waves in the enterprise in coming years due to various drivers the foremost being an increasingly mobile workforce.

Ranjit Yadav, Country Head – Mobile & IT Business, Samsung India, commented, “We are serious about our enterprise venture and looking at 100% growth in the coming year.”

Enterprise solutions were showcased in the Smart Zone with technical experts diving into details. Apart from that, one could indulge in live demos of these solutions.

Samsung’s Smart Healthcare solution termed Dr. Smart enables doctors to connect to a hospital’s EMR system anytime, anywhere and effectively communicate with patients through medical systems. Doctors can use their tablets to connect to the hospital server and view a list of their patients and their detailed medical history along with past and current treatment plan through the Dr. Smart mobile client. They can also access reference materials including manuals and medical sites to help them in their diagnosis and research. The solution helps doctors in monitoring the condition of patients in real time. It has been successfully deployed across several hospitals. One of the most successful being the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul. Over 100 doctors are using this solution on their Galaxy Tab devices there.

The UD55A panel or the Smart Video Wall is designed to deliver a large image display area, made possible by its extremely narrow bezel. As per Samsung, the panels have low maintenance cost with powerful networking capabilities. The flexible video wall is a software solution, which enables the simultaneous playback of content across a grid of panels. The solution also supports irregular video walls.

The Smart Communication solution enables high quality video telephony. The solution includes support for audio and video calls as well as IM and presence. Key features of video telephony include presence management, profile management, call and chat history management as well as one-to-one or one-to-many chat. The solution also enables you to chat directly using the keypad of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung has a slew of solutions that help executives on the move to do their work more efficiently while in transit. The VPN solution enables executives to stay connected to their offices and e-mail through a secure Web browser-based VPN network. Multiple layers of security and authentication ensure that all data access is secure and that no unauthorized access can take place. This solution is available on the company’s Android devices.

Security has become all the more important thanks to BYOD and the growing mobile workforce. Samsung’s mobile security solution has On Device Encryption to protect mobile data. Users can protect their internal and external memory data in case of loss or theft. The solution has to be triggered from Mobile Device Management or Microsoft Exchange server by the user company’s IT manager.

The device management tool provides IT managers with a complete solution to implement their device related policies. This solution supports over 85 IT policies on Android. Some of the unique features of this solution include Remote Lock and Unlock, Remote Device Wipe, Password Policy Control, Process Control and Asset Tracking.

Smart Advisor enables the user to get expert advice for insurance planning. It includes product comparisons, planning, detailing and storage of related documents. This solution has been implemented by ICICI Prudential on a pan India basis.

Smart Education has many different modules to meet the specific requirements of the education sector. The Smart School solution includes the Samsung Interactive Whiteboard. Some key features of the solution include lecture management, screen share, monitoring, control devices, content share, Q&A test etc.

Smart Insurance is a dedicated solution for professionals in the insurance sector. One of its early adopters has been ICICI Prudential that has bought 800 to 1,000 Galaxy Tabs. For this solution, Samsung has tied up with Cisco WebEx, Citrix for the thin-client, Sybase for mobile device management and Juniper for security. Apart from these, there were other vertical-specific solutions like the Smart Sales Management solution, Smart School, Smart Hospitality etc.  Samsung also announced a foray into remote management, which works on a Cloud model.

Last but not least the vendor unveiled its multi-functional printer, the SCX-3406FW, that has been designed with cost control and ease of management in mind and is targeted at SMBs.

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