Cloud is fueling the scale of National Platforms: Shalini Kapoor, Head of Public Sector and Chief Technologist for India, AWS

In the midst of an exciting era for India, the country is poised to make a significant impact on the global stage. With limitless potential, India is emerging as a global hub for technology and social progress. Leading this transformative movement is Amazon Web Services(AWS), empowering customers and partners to drive social impact and bridging the digital divide through the democratisation of technology.

India is taking the lead in developing innovative solutions that transcend borders, with the Umang app being a notable example. This pioneering initiative by the government of India provides access to over 1,700 services and facilitates seamless collaboration among 300 central and local departments. The user-friendly interface of the Umang app has revolutionized the way citizens interact with government services, simplifying data retrieval and service utilization.

At the AWS Public Sector Symposium, Rahul Sharma, Regional Managing Director for Worldwide Public Sector in Asia Pacific, AWS, expressed AWS’s commitment to investing in India’s technological landscape, recognizing its immense potential. In addition to two data center regions, AWS aims to establish local zones, showcasing its dedication to innovation and harnessing the power of the cloud to support India’s bold visions and ambitious endeavors.

Sharma emphasises that India’s journey towards global recognition is not merely a dream but a tangible reality achieved through the collective efforts of visionary leaders and innovative minds. Together, India and AWS are redefining what is possible, leveraging technology to create a brighter future for all.

AWS announced a significant investment of 1.36 lakh crores (equivalent to  $16.4 billion) earlier this year, fueling India’s technological growth story and creating approximately 1.3 lakh full-time jobs annually within local businesses. The impact of this investment extends beyond economic growth, empowering individuals and communities to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Cloud technology has played a pivotal role in bringing agility and digital transformation to governments and public sector organizations. India’s commitment to investing $1 trillion by 2035 and $5 trillion by the end of the decade demonstrates the nation’s determination to embrace digital transformation across all departments. AWS contributes to this transformation by building robust digital platforms that offer cost savings, scalability, and agility.

Shalini Kapoor, Head of Public Sector and Chief Technologist for India, AWS, shared the company’s approach to supporting India’s digital transformation. This approach focuses on three key areas: building national platforms that enable seamless integration and collaboration across sectors, developing vertical solutions that cater to unique customer needs, and bridging the digital divide to ensure every citizen has access to the digital skills required for success.

AWS has been at the forefront of building national platforms, exemplified by successful initiatives like COWIN, DigiLocker, and Samarath. The company has extended its partnership with ISRO, Keltron, and various startups. Additionally, AWS focuses on developing vertical solutions for sectors such as utilities, education, skilling, space, healthcare, and genomics, recognizing the need for quick deployments and solutions. Collaborating with over one lakh partners worldwide, AWS works closely to meet customer requirements.

One success story includes the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company, which migrated 100 applications and moved their database services to an AWS managed service. This migration benefited not only one application but multiple applications used by state departments to serve citizens better. AWS ensures the availability of these applications, providing 99.5% uptime.

During the event, Dr. Pramod Varma, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of EkStep Foundation, highlighted how digitalization has transformed India’s economy and society. Digital public infrastructure (DPI) and digital public goods (DPG) have become powerful tools for achieving large-scale social impact. Initiatives like Aadhar and UPI have successfully addressed identity verification and payment transfer challenges. Varma suggests exploring the value of DPIs and DPGs as they expand into other complex sectors in India, in collaboration with startups and technology providers.

Abhijeet Agrawal, Managing Director of M.P. State Electronics Development Corporation, Department of Science & Technology, GoMP, shared insights on how the state of Bhopal has leveraged the power of the cloud to build citizen-centric applications and bridge the digital divide.

The symposium showcased the immense progress and potential of India’s digital transformation, driven by visionary leaders, innovative minds, and the collaborative efforts of organizations like AWS.

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