Here Is Why Video Conferencing Tools Might Become Permanent For Businesses

The lockdown introduced the world to video conferencing apps’ true potential. After the success and quite the controversy around Zoom app, a lot of new players joined the bandwagon. Tech giant Google, too, worked on bettering their video conferencing tool Google Meet. Launched around a month back, Google Meet received an overwhelming response after it was integrated with Gmail Web. 

Now, Google Meet will be available on the Android and iOS Gmail tab too. In a statement, Google hasn’t confirmed the date but the launch is expected soon in the coming weeks. Like all Google applications, this will be integrated with other Google tools such as Google Calendar. Users can join a meeting by using a meeting id and start a meeting with a Google Meet call. 

After the launch, Google has worked on many updates since it saw more active users on this platform. The world is still battling the coronavirus pandemic and that means people are still indoors relying on technology to get them through this. 

Interestingly, this forceful move to digital has made businesses realise the effectiveness of these tools. There is a huge chance this new normal may become permanent even after the pandemic. What has made video conferencing tools a success for businesses? 

Here is why businesses may continue using video conferencing tools after the pandemic: 


Unlike Zoom, Google Meet is free for Gmail users. Even video conferencing tools that charge a fee are still more cost-effective than personal meetings. For meetings that can be managed on a video call, a business is saving on travel costs. Travel is not only expensive, but it is also very time-consuming. With a video call, operations and plans can be put in action faster. 

Well Structured meetings

With physical meetings, there is some freedom in extending the time limit of the meeting and indulging in pointless discussions. On a video call that involves people from different time zones, it is imperative that the meeting agendas are met within the stipulated time period. This brings a more structured way of conducting a meeting that has a fruitful outcome. 

Improved Attendance

Bringing the entire staff together by having them adjust their varied schedules is a task and every business can relate to it. With a video conference, nobody has to move from their place and can join the meeting from anywhere. For those that aren’t able to attend, a recorded video call can be sent to update them. 

Reduced commute time

This is the biggest advantage to employees as commute time is very draining physically as well as mentally. By not straining themselves with travelling, employees will have more time for other activities. This will also mean they will be more productive in their work as they are not worn out physically and neither are they worried about getting back home. 

More engaging than audio 

Before video conferencing, audio conferences and calls have been quite popular. However, with only audio people tend to get more distracted. They resume doing what they were doing while being on call. This might hamper with the communication between teams and delay work. With video calls, there is more attentiveness and discipline. 

The future is a click!

Opportunities are many, the decision is up to the business enterprise. With so many advantages to video conferencing tools, a lot of businesses will continue this model of working. It is no substitute for physical meetings definitely. These tools might help get everything done that does not absolutely need a physical presence. 

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