This App Will Let You Host A House Party Without Inviting Anyone Home!

An app that was launched in 2016 and ranked 1450th for its popularity on AppStore has now jumped to being the 4th most popular app. Not just Apple, the Google Play Store ranks in number 1 currently!

With the lockdown in India forcing citizens to stay at home, a lot of professional apps have come to their rescue to keep businesses floating. Zoom, Trello, Slack, Google Hangouts, etc have seen a big boost owing to the new work model of ‘Work From Home’. 

Now that most people have cut down on their commute time to the office, there is so much time that could be spent with family but not with friends. 

Houseparty is the app that comes in to help you virtually hang out with your friends! If you are already on it you must have noticed your notifications flood with most of your contacts joining the app and for all the entertaining reasons. 

Much like the original concept of a house party, the app allows your invite friends virtually through videos and join a party. Along with groups, the app also lets you play numerous games with your friends on the video call. Unlike WhatsApp, HouseParty allows you to call 8 people and not just 4 like video calls on Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

Anyone can join a video chat room as long as any of their friends are a part of it. There is an option of locking the room so more people won’t join and unlocking the room for friends of friends to join. The app also sends out a notification when a friend has checked the application and is online. 

The app sets an informal atmosphere and commits to being a good alternative to an actual house party. With a single tap, you can invite anyone into the video chatroom, send a facemail when your friends aren’t online and of course virtually ‘wave’ at them. 

House Party comes as a pleasant distraction to many as the fear of coronavirus grips society. Most people wanting to get connected with friends will find this app a lot of fun and the closest way to be closer to normal by playing online. The only question is- Will the app survive once the lockdown has been withdrawn?

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