Strategic Tech Investments: Ensuring Business Agility During High-Demand Season

By: Rajnish Gupta, Vice President and Head, India and Subcontinent Business, Zebra Technologies

For businesses to be agile and retain their competitive advantage, it is important that the workforce is equipped with the right technologies. In today’s high-demand market world, technology can improve efficiency and optimise the workforce. Especially in this festive season, it was predicted that around 60,000 gig workers will be engaged across several sectors. Looking at the rising demands, it is imperative to be selective when picking the right solutions for the business, particularly as budgets remain tight amidst economic headwinds.

To ensure that businesses are investing in the right tools to sail smoothly through the high-demand season, the following factors should be considered:

Existing workflows: Workflow is the fuel that keeps all the moving pieces of business operating like a well-oiled machine. That is why it is important to consider the willingness to adapt existing workflows to fit into the mold of new technologies. If changes are necessary, it is important to assess the availability of time, energy, money, and resources to adapt accordingly.

Tools that create the least number of alterations around existing workflows may be the ideal starting point. Implementing technologies that seamlessly transition employees from old to modern devices with familiar and easy-to-use interfaces will save time and aggravation.

The user experience: Employees want to feel well-supported by the new-age devices without worrying about interference with their daily tasks. Some key factors that can help influence one’s decisions in terms of buying a device could be its impact on work experience, practicality, if it’s a wearable device, cost-effectiveness or value for money, if it’s user or friendly, or will require some specific training sessions for employees.  

The flexibility and security of operating systems: Look for an OS that is built with a business user in mind. Flexibility in managing mobile and printing solutions, monitoring for and pushing security and maintenance updates are essential when selecting a solution.

By opting for enterprise-grade devices, business owners will be able to easily stage devices on their own timeframe, add or scale new apps, and even provide remote support for employees who may be out making deliveries when they report device issues. They have self-service device management tools built-in – tools that also make it easier to push security patches and updates and protect both devices and data. Plus, they are built to last and grow with one’s business.

Connectivity and visibility: Consider how back-end systems sync or connect with the “edge” devices used inside and outside the four walls. Communication always needs to be at the forefront of operations. If signals are getting crossed and insight is getting lost, one will not be happy with the new investment. Ensuring that the devices provide employees with full business visibility and keep them in sync with one another, partners, and customers is crucial. Look for technologies with the following connectivity capabilities to ensure effective communications through different channels.

Several valuable track and trace technologies can accurately and automatically reflect changes in back-end systems, so staff, partners, and customers have visibility into the status of inventory or orders. For example, handheld radio frequency identification (RFID) sleds can be attached to mobile computers to help associates quickly locate or account for items.

Long-term value: In workplaces where handheld devices, printers, and scanners are handled roughly most of the time, it is paramount for enterprises to be using ruggedised devices that can offer greater durability and lesser downtime. Apart from this, one should also be able to add features or unlock certain functionality as workflows evolve. A quality investment is meant to last and perform up to one’s business standards.

It is important to pause to consider the true driving purpose behind every technology decision. Discover the role your mobility investment is meant to play, and know that by keeping the details in mind, the time, and money you spend today will pay off in lasting, impactful ways.

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