Managing collaborative workspaces, security a must in a hybrid work model

The new-age workspaces require a lot of rethinking in terms of building collaboration spaces and meeting rooms as it is not physical anymore; cyber crime has also increased since the pandemic and employees will have to be vigilant says Narayan Gangadhar, CEO, Angel One

In which areas of the digital infrastructure do companies need to prepare themselves for the hybrid working model?
In the hybrid working model, we need to enable a seamless working experience for the employees. The new-age workspaces require a lot of rethinking in terms of building collaboration spaces and meeting rooms as it is not physical anymore. The hybrid working models are going to be unique. They will need productivity tools for efficient communication like Slack, Zoom, etc.

As we move more towards online interactions and remote working, we need to think about security as well. Ever since the pandemic, there has been a rise in the number of cybercrimes across the world. Hence, we need to protect people working from home from data breaches. People are at a higher security risk as they are using different devices to connect with networks and access data. It needs to be looked at carefully for a solid solution.

What is the kind of training required for employees across hierarchies to operate in a secure manner?
We need stringent security training for all the employees. Everyone must be aware of security risks and how to safeguard from them. According to 83 percent organizations in India, phishing attacks are on the rise during the pandemic. We have been providing training to our employees to be vigilant about such attacks. We sent frequent mailers advising them on spotting potentially malicious emails and links.

What are the kind of challenges that companies are facing with the hybrid working model?
The most challenging task in the absence of face time and physical proximity among colleagues in building a rapport. It was a lot different when people could meet every day but with remote working, it’s challenging. Therefore, we need to introduce team-building exercises, occasional outings and meet-ups to make sure that team members know each other. The relationship among colleagues is also reflected in teamwork.

Additionally, the companies need to build necessary policies and culture to bring a work-life balance in the life of employees. With remote working, people have been working more while dealing with the challenges of managing homes simultaneously. Therefore, we need effective policies.

What is the way out?
The hybrid model is here to stay. There is no way out and maybe we don’t even need one. We just need to embrace it and mitigate challenges by adopting the necessary tools and processes.

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