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EduGorilla provides solutions to the career needs of students at affordable rates through various resources, and has an ambitious plan of listing 15.8 lakh schools in the country

EduGorilla, the brain child of Rohit Manglik, Founder and Chief Executing Officer, was established in April 2016. With a vision to enable students to make informed career choices, EduGorilla provides solutions to the career needs of the students at affordable rates through various resources. These resources are: Study material (more than 74,500), Forum (a discussion portal hosting more than 10,000 engagements per day), and a Directory Listing of various schools (840,000 plus) and coaching centers (57,000 plus). Moreover, there are products in the form of Test Series (10,000 plus), reviews and articles (more than 30, 200 in number), Careers (in depth analysis of more than 200 career options) and many more.

Rohit Manglik, Founder and CEO, EduGorilla

EduGorilla has an ambitious plan of listing 15.8 lakh schools in the country. The startup is eyeing expansion in three states, namely Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and New Delhi. “It is also looking to attract more talent in the coming months by hiring students from premier colleges of major cities of Uttar Pradesh,” shares Manglik.

“Educational institutions hugely benefit from EduGorilla’s almost every product- be it the study material, finding coaching center(s) or the school(s) from the exhaustive directory, EduGorilla’s test series, the discussion portal of Forum, reviews and articles based on educational matters, or its repository of highly useful video courses, via a trustful business partnership,” says Rohit Manglik, CEO, EduGorilla, adding that a school, for example, can avail of the highly educative and informative study material through a paid subscription. Similarly, it can expand its prospects via its raised promotion by a team of our digital marketers, content writers in EduGorilla’s directory profiling of schools.

“The content of this entity is highly organised and useful for students of various levels from those studying in high school to those preparing for competitive exams,” states Manglik, pointing out that the institutes will be saving their resources like time, workforce and wages, by embracing the products.

EduGorilla welcomes all stakeholders of education – from elementary schools to those offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses, along with the vocational institutions. “These days educational institutions are increasingly relying on technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Realty to improve learning outcomes. Traditionally, the usage of technology in education was confined to a computer lab setup, introduction of projectors or plasma screens, among others. However, with the advent of various free applications, teaching processes are fast evolving from teacher-directed monologues to learner-centric explorations,” mentions Manglik, reminding that these technologies not only come at minimal costs but also enable the learning experience to become more immersive and interactive, allowing students to go beyond textbooks and classroom walls to fuel their curiosity.

According to Manglik, EduGorilla is open to embracing to new technologies. Presently, the startup hosts its AI and ML powered Test Series that ranks students on All-India and State basis. The Series analyses the outcomes of students and consequently suggests the possible spheres for improvement.

The three-year journey years of EduGorilla has also witnessed several milestones. Today EduGorilla has 20,00,000 plus subscribers, 16,00,000 plus monthly site visits and a growth rate of 25 per cent month- over- month. EduGorilla was recently listed among the top five startups in Uttar Pradesh.

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