Facebook open source platform gets over 1.2M followers

The open-source platform by Facebook has reached over 1.2 million followers on Github and engineers and developers across the world collaborated to make over 127,000 changes to the codebase.

In 2020, Facebook’s open source portfolio grew to over 700 active repositories, with more than 200 projects made public.

“There is no denying that 2020 was a challenging year for many of us in so many different ways. Despite these challenges, we saw more projects going live and more people contributing to the growth of open source worldwide,” said Suraj Subramanian from Facebook Open Source Platform.

Facebook continued its long-standing support of open source by joining the Linux Foundation and the Zephyr Project at the Platinum level and becoming a founding contributor of the Software Developer Diversity and Inclusion project.

Facebook has also partnered with Microsoft on extending a static analyser, Infer, to C# programming language.

“As a result of this collaboration, Microsoft published project Infer# to detect potential bugs like null-pointer dereference and resource leak or race conditions in the .NET ecosystem,” Subramanian said in a blog post.

Facebook also helped found MLCommons, an open engineering consortium for ML research and systems.

Researchers open sourced their implementation of a multilingual translation model that works for any pair of 100 languages without an English intermediary.?

“We remain committed to an inclusive payment technology that is also open source. We refreshed the developer experience for the Diem blockchain (formerly Libra) with new documentation and follow-along tutorials”.


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