GenAI will transform personalised travel recommendations, enhancing user experiences: Ganesh Ramaswamy, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Cleartrip

In the dynamic landscape of the travel industry, staying ahead requires continuous innovation and a deep understanding of customer needs. In an exclusive interaction with Express Computer, Ganesh Ramaswamy, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Cleartrip, discusses how the company has positioned itself as a frontrunner through a series of groundbreaking technological advancements. With a keen focus on alleviating travel-related stress and enhancing user experiences, Cleartrip has made substantial investments in adopting emerging technologies to ensure that its customers derive excellent value from their travel experiences.

Some edited excerpts from the interview:

Can you share some recent technological innovations that have set you apart from your competitors?

 Users often experience a significant amount of travel anxiety, whether it’s due to canceling a flight or a hotel stay because of sudden changes in plans. All of these factors contribute to the overall stress associated with traveling. To address this crucial customer pain point, Cleartrip has recently introduced features such as Flex, FlexMax, CFNR (Cancel For No Reason), Medicancel at No Cost,etc., to assist users in making travel bookings without any anxiety.

 Low prices are a key consideration for users, and Cleartrip is dedicated to providing the best value to them. The introduction of NDC (New Distribution Capability) marks a new evolution in the airline industry, and Cleartrip has made significant investments in adopting this technology to ensure that our customers receive excellent value from their travel experiences. NDC is an API standard that has been created by IATA to improve the efficiency of the travel industry by providing a more adaptable and open architecture. 

What recent technological innovations have been implemented to enhance the travel experience for users? Can you share any cutting-edge features or services?

 GenAI stands out as one of the most recent and advanced technological innovations, revolutionising every industry. At Cleartrip, we are on the verge of introducing our GenAI-based travel planning and packages.

 In today’s landscape, users often struggle to comprehend all the information related to a location, its activities, and points of interest (POI) in order to create an effective trip plan that aligns with their preferences. Leveraging GenAI, Cleartrip will provide users with a fully personalised and seamless method to plan holidays that not only cater to their needs but also assist them in completing their bookings.

With the growing concern for data privacy, how do you ensure the security of customer data, and what measures are in place to comply with global data protection standards?

 As an organisation holding the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification, Cleartrip places our users at the core of our business, recognising that their trust is fundamental to our operations. Our ISO certification serves as a testament to Cleartrip’s dedication to excellence and commitment to upholding stringent international data privacy standards. With a steadfast focus on enhanced security and assurance for all stakeholders, we continue to invest in robust privacy frameworks, cutting-edge technologies, and the expertise of our talented teams. This ongoing commitment ensures that, amid the growing concerns regarding data privacy, Cleartrip remains at the forefront of safeguarding customer data and complying with global data protection standards.

With the rise of voice-activated devices and conversational interfaces, how are you exploring or leveraging these technologies to enhance the user experience? 

  We plan to explore voice interaction in mobile along with our GenAI offering, as we believe it will enhance users’ interaction with the app experience. However, currently, we are not actively exploring voice-activated devices like Alexa.

What emerging technology trends do you believe will have the most significant impact on the travel industry in the next 2-3 years, and how is Cleartrip preparing for them?

 Over the next 2-3 years, GenAI will transform personalised travel recommendations, enhancing user experiences. Cleartrip is also actively exploring AI applications for tailored travel options.

 Immersive experiences such as VR and rich and personalised video content will play a significant role in allowing users to experience their travel destinations even before physically traveling, providing a unique and personalised travel experience that suits their individual needs.

 The influencer economy and social media will wield substantial influence, presenting opportunities for collaboration with travel influencers to promote unique experiences. Cleartrip is strategically considering these partnerships to enrich customer engagement.

 As travel gains momentum across the pyramid in India, prioritising vernacular audiences might become essential. We will actively monitor this space to adapt and cater to a broader demographic, ensuring inclusive and localised travel solutions.

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