Mobile app-based learning to reduce infrastructure costs in the near future: VC Ansal University

In an interaction with Express Computer, (Prof) Dr. DNS Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Ansal University, talks about their digital initiatives to enable distance education during the lockdown

How can higher education institutions leverage technology for dealing with unprecedented situations like the coronavirus outbreak?

In order to combat such unexpected situations, the industry needs to develop instructional software and we require innovative tools to enable audio and video lectures. There is also demand for online testing through MCQs.

We require the integration of technology-driven pedagogy in the course plans and deliverables, creation of digitally designed and developed, and customised materials.

The government should provide grants to institutions to establish a technology-oriented infrastructure. Increase the spending by the government on education. Create a pool of intellectuals and executives on various topics/courses for deliberation, application, and analyse the outcomes of education.

With your focus on distance education, what have been your initiatives in this direction?

UGC, AICTE and other bodies should allow institutions to go for distance education, if the institutions are having capacity and capability.

Ansal University plans to initiate blended learning continuing education for corporate executives, alumni, and others in the form of certificate courses, diplomas, training sessions, executive development programs, etc. Our endeavour is to upskill and provide the unlearning opportunity.

Which, according to you, are the emerging technologies that will make a significant difference in the education sector in the future?

Trends may emerge to recognise the talent than the certificate. For this, prospective students may select the skill and competency-based educational institutions who may not give a degree but certificate. Few certificates may go for equating to a degree.

Mobile app-based learning and online education may come in a big way to reduce infrastructure cost.

Are there any new projects/tech implementations you are looking at in the next few years?
We are planning to develop e-content, to enable the software driven delivery of knowledge.
Engagement of collaborators in the delivery of education and building talent to develop, software to float courses across the world.

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